9 Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards To Buy 2021 – Reviews

Best 60 Mechanical Keyboard: Have you heard of the 60% mechanical keyboard? Well, if you are someone who needs an exceptional typing experience, but at the same time is looking forward to the best portability and compact construction, then this one is just right for you – the best 60% mechanical keyboard.

What exactly are the best 60% keyboards? Well, while the traditional keyboards come with 104 or 87 keys or something in between, a 60% keyboards is just 60% of that value – 60 keys. The choice of the best 60 percent keyboard will ensure that you have access to the portability, durability, comfort levels, and versatility of your mechanical keyboards. They do not lose out on the size of the keys but do come with a low number of keys than their traditional counterparts.

A Closer Look at the 10 Best 60% Keyboards of 2021


RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61If you’re seeking an entry-level 60% keyboard, the RK61 is it. This wireless mini keyboard boasts reliable connectivity and low latency for fast-paced action. Ready to show ’em whose boss? Snag this responsive gaming accessory, and leave your opponents scrambling for cover.

  • Extremely affordable
  • 10+ hours of play (800 mAh battery)
  • Bluetooth connectivity w/ low latency
  • Difficult setup
  • Single color backlight

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2. DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The DIERYA mechanical keyboard is the best cheap 60% mechanical keyboard under $50. To begin with, you get it with a switch that’s the equivalent of a Cherry MX Brown – tactile, but without a click, which makes it great for typing.

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard goes for a different layout than most 60% keyboards, with arrow keys in the bottom right corner, which is something most competitors omit. You’re also getting 7 lights, and a few various lighting modes that make it look really nice. Oh, and you also get a 1-year warranty against defects.

  • Affordable pricing
  • USB-C connection
  • RGB Keys
  • A true-mechanical keyboard
  • 2 Spare Keycaps
  • ISO Key Layout
  • Small Right-SHIFT key
  • Windows/Super Key

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3. Happy Hacking Keyboard

The Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 (HHKB) is either the best ever keyboard, or the worst ever keyboard. The case consists of the top case/integrated plate/PCB combo and the bottom case.

Separating the two components is a seam running across the whole side of the situation. The seam is very evident to the touch, sometimes even bumpy depending on where your fingers are running.

Happy Hacking KeyboardCertainly, the HHKB Pro has this trademark feel. However, for the amount of cash, we prefer the feeling given by the PCS Line Topre Realforce with their backplate-mounted switches; as compared to the case-mounted switches found on the HHKB. The Realforce has a more solid color, while the HHKB feels more flexible.

  • Strong built structure.
  • Attractive design
  • Quite costly compared to other options.
  • No backlighting of the keys.
  • Annoying curves.

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4. ANNE PRO 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The ANNE PRO 2 has been one of the best-rated and most reputable 60% keyboards for a while now. This keyboard makes it a point to provide all of the leading specs and features you expect to find on a top of the line model.


For one, this is one of the most compact keyboards we reviewed sitting at 11.18” x 3.82” x 1.57” and just under 1 ½ lbs. On top of that, this keyboard also supports wireless connection for up to 4 different devices over Bluetooth 4.0 and complements that with a 1900 mAh battery– the longest lasting on our list. That said, you may want to wait for the next batch to roll off of the assembly line as recent models seem to have some quality control issues.

  • Bluetooth with a type C port
  • Compact Space-saving design
  • The battery can last a couple of hours I think
  • Program the keys
  • The keyboard height is too thick so your wrist may hurt
  • Limited availability of color and switch type
  • Software is not easy to use and takes time to understand
  • Non Hot-swappable
  • Expensive Price tag

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5. Qisan Gaming Keyboard

The Magicforce 68 is technically a 65% keyboard since it retains the arrows and four of the six keys above them. Still, its small form factor and clever design make the keyboard a space saver. The Fn key is its greatest asset for footprint reduction as pressing it along with most other keys makes the ones the Magicforce 68 has lost seem superfluous. For example, you access the F row by pressing the number keys while the second row from the bottom handles multimedia controls.

Qisan Gaming KeyboardThe Magicforce 68 is a great all-around keyboard thanks to a variety of MX switch choices. On the one hand, it has a deep enough actuation point and good spacing to satisfy people who type a lot. On the other, the keys react instantly and aren’t distracting while gaming. The Windows key is another possible distraction, and you can turn it off by flipping one of three DIP switches. The other two are used to switch Caps Lock with the left Ctrl or reposition the Fn key.

  • Excellent build quality for a reasonable price
  • Pleasant backlight
  • Efficient cable routing
  • Retains F row and multimedia key functions
  • Stabilized keys are less responsive than standard ones
  • Inconsistent quality control

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6. RK61 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to gaming, mechanical keyboards are favored for their precision and NKRO to ensure that every key actuation is captured. In addition, most gamers favor linear switches (typically red or black) because the lack of tactile feedback bump is easier for repetitive actions. Red or Black switches have the added benefit of being much less loud than blue switches (which are clicky), although that is a subjective advantage. Finally, although strong wireless performance exists (like the Logitech G613 or new G915), most gamers prefer wired keyboards as the true lag-free wireless performance comes at a price premium.

RK61 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWith those criteria in mind, we have a very attractive, affordable option we can recommend: the Royal Kludge RK61. With red linear switches and a standard, compact 60% layout, and as much RGB as anyone could ever want, this keyboard was made for gamers.

  • Compact size can be put into a backpack no problem
  • Can pair up to 3 devices, and can switch between them during use
  • RGB lights come in 17 different light combos each combo can be customized to a certain Color
  • Bluetooth OR cable use, if using cable the battery charges at the same time
  • Are MAC and Windows compatible
  • Compact size means no numeric pad
  • Some of the keycap lettering is not competed ( Ex. “@“ sign )

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7. Z-88 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

One of the most innovative and attractive gaming keyboards on the market is this HUO JI product. It is featured in a few design variations, with the main differences being the switch, as well as the metal plate color. Highlighted by a superb RGB backlit system and water-resistant, sturdy construction, it is a great choice for any true gamer!

Z-88 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Keep in mind that it is compatible with Windows Vista and above, as well as Mac OS X. We love the fact that it offers 81 anti-ghosting keys. Thus, you will have nothing to worry about in terms of fast response time.

Also, the versatile RGB backlighting system is highlighted by 10 different breathing modes. This will allow you to fully enjoy an attractive gaming setup. Maybe the most important factor is that the design is ergonomic, with the mounted keycaps made to reduce fatigue.

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What should you look for in the Best 60% Keyboard?

Before you can pick your choice of the best 60% keyboard, make sure it meets a few of your must-have needs. Here are a few key parameters you need to check out when choosing the best 60% keyboard for gaming or even otherwise.

  • Wireless or wired?

The 60% keyboards are available either in a wired or wireless mode. The wired ones come with connectivity with the USB port on your PC, while the wireless ones will connect over the airwaves either through WiFi or Bluetooth. Each of them comes with its own Pros and Cons. While the ones with wired connectivity offer the fastest response time, the wireless options can be more portable.

  • Switches

Switches refer to the springs beneath each key and they offer much needed tactile feedback. When picking the best 60 percent keyboard, switches from Cherry MX or Topre would be much preferred. But, you would find them coming with a heavy price tag. However, of late, you should ideally find the best 60% mechanical keyboard with switches from Outemu, Gateron, and other small-time manufacturers.

  • The looks

The looks and appearance should be yet another excellent option from this perspective. You would definitely want to have a look at the ideal option for the color schemes that would gel well with your décor. There are a few excellent options for the best 60 percent keyboard that offers you LEDs. This can make your setup more vibrant.

Why are the Best 60% Keyboards Beneficial?

When compared to the other compact keyboards and the 60% keyboards is that the best 60% keyboard would provide you access to a better typing experience. This is because these keyboards do not remove the scale of the keyboard, but only remove the keyboard. That would mean you do not need to sacrifice your typing experience for any reason.

Yet another advantage of opting for the best 60% mechanical keyboard is it would be helpful for you in case you have smaller hands. You should be able to have access to every function with the functions and standard keys.

They can be an amazing addition to a minimalistic setup and thus improve the looks further. The only thing that you may come across when using even the best 60 percent keyboard would be the absence of arrow keys. You should be able to get used to it and overcome the difficulty in practically a shorter time span.

Well, picking the best 60% keyboard comes with its own benefits. Just ensure that you have got access to the right one to ensure a better degree of efficiency.

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