9 Best Apple Pencil Accessories, Covers, and Sleeves in 2021

9 Best Apple Pencil Accessories: Apple Pencil was first launched in 2017, and it was launched with the iPad Pro. It has been one of the great options for digital artists out there. The pencil is sensitive to both pressure and tilt. A simple and unique design would make it one of the perfect choices you would want to opt for.

However, if you are looking for the best experience for use with the Apple Pencil, the right type of Apple Pencil accessories can be a great choice for almost all your requirements. Check out the perfect Apple Pencil accessories in this post. We have made it a point to list the best options for your Apple pencil.

Best Apple Pencil Accessories in 2021

The second generation Apple pencil, when compared to the first generation option, offers you an exceptional option in terms of compatibility with a wide range of accessories. We list out the best options among the right type of accessories for your Apple Pen or Apple Pencil.

1. Belkin Carrying Case With Apple Pencil Holder

If you are willing to spend a slightly higher amount on the accessories, the Belkin Carrying case can be a great choice. You can get a combination of a stand cum carrying case for your pencil. In fact, it can be one of the perfect options for holding an extra tip, cap, and lightning adapter. The case is made of glossy polycarbonate material.

Belkin Apple Pencil Case

The insides are made with scratch-proof fabric lining. The exterior is tough enough and should take care of your Apple pencil effectively. The individual protection and compartment for each of the components can be a great choice.

Smart Features:

  • Apple pencil stand provides all in one storage
  • Individual storage compartments for easy organization
  • Holds Apple Pencil, Lightning adapter, pencil cap, and extra pencil tip
  • High gloss PC exterior with protective lid
  • Fabric lining for added protection

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2. Frtma soft Silicone holder Grip for Apple Pencil

The magnetic sleeve and holder grip should be one of the perfect options for the comfortability of using your Apple pencil. The design of the holder grip looks much simple and works in an efficient manner. It comes with a soft textured material and provides you access to an exciting performance.

FRTMA for Apple Pencil Magnetic Sleeve

The sleeve has six embedded magnets that can assist you in attaching the pencil to your iPad Pro or any other compatible device. There are two extra self adhering metal strips that can be used to stick it any surface so that it can be stored easily. You have access to five colors to choose from depending upon your exact preferences.

Smart Features:

  • 6 magnets embedded into the silicone sleeve side. The magnets allow you to attach the Apple Pencil quickly to the front side of the iPad Pro, the front sides of a magnetic smart cover, or pretty much any magnet-friendly metal surface
  • The pencil sleeve comes with two extra self-adhering metal strip, that you can stick to any surface to quickly store your Apple Pencil wherever you want
  • The soft silicone grip hugs your pencil tightly to prevent relative sliding, you have a larger area to grip onto which helps keep your fingers from locking and protects your fingers
  • Easy to install, you can adjust the placement of the thin sleeve on the pencil to suit your preference
  • 5 colors to choose from: Midnight Blue, Ivory White, Lavender, Red, Ice Sea Blue (Apple Pencil Not Included)

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3. TechMatte Charging Stand for Apple Pencil

The charging functionality of the Apple pencil has been one of the unique concepts on it and an equally hated option as well. You are expected to charge the device through your Apple iPad Pro through the lightning port. This annoying feature can be resolved with ease if you opt for the right Apple pencil accessories in the form of a charging stand or dock.

TechMatte Charging Stand for Apple Pencil

The TechMatte Charging Stand for Apple Pencil can be the perfect option and assist you to charge of your Apple pencil, looking much stylish at the same time. The stand is completely easy to handle and offers a durable design for years of trouble-free service. Made of solid aluminum, you can expect your stand to provide you access to years of trouble free service.

Smart Features:

  • Apple Pencil charger by TechMatte allows you to charge your pencil while still looking stylish and sleek on your desk.
  • The stand’s charging dock comes with the proper cable to charge your Apple Pencil built into the stand.
  • Our Apple Pencil Charger stand holds both your Apple pencil and cap
  • Apple Pencil charging dock is easy to use and durable
  • TechMatte’s Apple Pencil Charging stand is made of solid aluminum

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4. HDE Apple Pencil Case Hard Shell

The HDE Apple Pencil case hard shell is compatible with Apple Pencil Gen 1 and Gen 2. The case also includes mesh pockets and elastic bands. The insides of the case have a microfiber lining that takes care of the pencil and protects it from dust, scratches, and other wear and tear.

Apple Pencil Case Holder for Apple Pen Accessories

Durable, compact, and utility-driven – the apple pencil case should be one of the excellent options among the Apple pencil accessories. There are several mesh pockets and bands for supporting the storage of earbuds, headphones, charging cables, and other accessories. The zipper closure access would be yet another added advantage.

Smart Features:

  • EVA hardshell case protects your Apple Pencil along with other stylus pens, including Samsung S Pen, Microsoft Surface Pen, the new Crayon, Livescribe 3, Pulse Smartpen, and Equil Smartpen
  • Mesh pockets and bands allow for storage of earbuds, headphones, charging cables, and other accessories
  • The zipper closure secures accessories while on the move, making sure all your valued add-ons stay exactly where you left them
  • High-quality soft interior lining protects items from daily wear and tear, keeping your items looking good as new
  • Exterior Dimensions: 7.96″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″ |Interior Dimensions: 7.5″ x 1.96″

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5. Catalyst Drop Proof Grip Case for Apple Pencil

The grip case comes with an intuitive design of the best in class drop-proof technology. It is made up of non-slip, impact-absorbing silicone. You can be assured of the military-grade resistance properties. The pencil case comes with a drop-proof quality for exciting and maximized drop protection.

Catalyst Apple Pencil Grip Case

The ergonomic design and anti-roll design are the two options that would make it one of the preferred Apple Pencil accessories. The three-meter drop-proof design would be yet another added advantage offered by the hardshell case. The triangular shape will provide you access to the most ergonomic design.

Smart Features:

  •  Superior drop proof technology – Made from premium non-slip, impact absorbing silicone, the certified military-level resistance of this Apple Pencil Carry Case exceeds MIL-STD 810G 9.9 feet (3m). Advanced shockproof quality to maximize drop protection. NOT compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd generation.
  • The ergonomic triangular shape and anti-roll design – The Catalyst Grip Case for Apple Pencil has a comfortable grip and prevents you from losing your smooth Apple Pencil due to a triangular design that is both ergonomic to hold and stops it from rolling away on any flat surface
  • All-in-one storage and easy to install – The Catalyst Grip Case for Apple Pencil allows for easy and quick access to the Lightning connector for charging and has a separate storage capsule for the Lightning adapter ensuring you won’t ever have to search for the Lightning adapter again. You can easily install your Pencil Apple to the case by pushing the pencil slowly into the carry case
  • Fun, portable & practical – A perfect balance of impact protection and slim fit, the Catalyst case for apple pencil has a detachable carabiner for easy access and extra security against loss or theft. Simply the best durable & compact grip case
  • Impressive design & deluxe quality – The Catalyst Grip Case for Apple Pencil is made of premium silicone. Durable, impact absorbent, ultra-robust & designed to last. The smart, minimalistic design gives you the storage for Lightning adapter

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6. Giant Lion Pen Pal for Apple Pencil

It can be yet another excellent accessory for your Apple pencil and take care of the Apple Pencil, and it’s proper to keep up. In fact,  the accessory is planned as a great option to take care of your needs in safeguarding you from one of the major issues that include preventing it from rolling away.

Giant Lion Pen Pal for Apple Pencil

The clip will help you carry the Apple Pencil in just the same way that you would carry any of your other pens. The clips are available in three different colors. It can be used in any sort of repositioning. The light build will make it one of the best-suited options for your requirements. You will not feel awkward with the functionality of your pen because of the lightweight construction.

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7. Fintie Apple Pencil Holder

The Fintie Apple Pencil Holder comes with a USB adapter that makes it an extremely compliant option that avoids the need for an additional case. In fact, it is a leather sleeve for your pencil along with an elastic band. You can stretch it to fit your iPad Pro with ease. The concept is as simple as strapping your pencil to the case on your iPad Pro.

Adapter Pocket for Apple Pencil

You also have a small-sized pocket at the bottom so that you can store the USB cable in there. In essence, it can be an excellent option to carry your pencil without having to worry about carrying a huge bulk. The stylish design, coupled with lightweight construction, should ideally make it one of the perfect choices you would want to opt for.

Smart Features:

  • Perfectly designed for your precious Apple Pencil 1st & 2nd Generation, iPad Pro 11 / 12.9 / 10.5 / 9.7, iPad 2018 Pencil. Note: Pencil & other accessories are for illustration only and not included.
  • Premium synthetic leather case with flap cover. Perfectly designed for apple pencil without any extra cover
  • Stylish, ultra-slim, and lightweight holder. Fits Apple Pencil like a glove and slides in effortlessly.
  • A comfortable elastic band enables taking the holder out of the case fast and easily
  • The adapter pocket keeps the USB adapter easy to find and has a snug fit to keep it safe and secure.

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8. MoKo Apple Pencil Holder Case

Designed specifically for the Apple Pencil, it can be your best bet for one of the outstanding Apple pencil accessories. Carrying your Apple Pencil would be a huge task if you happen to carry it in your bag and you could easily lose it. More so, the pencil can even get damaged.

MoKo Holder Case for Apple Pencil

The MoKo Apple Pencil holder case can be the right option to help you take care of your Apple pencil. The case has its outer layer made of leather, whereas the interiors have a scratch-resistant lining. This will keep it safer from both the inside and outside. The waterproof case would be yet another feature that would also make it a formidable option for almost every one of your requirements. There are additional pockets in the case that can be helpful in storing other accessories like charging cable.

Smart Features:

  • Perfectly designed for your precious Apple iPad Pro Pencil, such as New iPad 7th Generation 10.2″ 2019, iPad Air (3rd Generation) 10.5″ 2019, iPad mini (5th Generation) 7.9″ 2019. Model: A1670/A1671/A1701/A1709/A1673/A1674/A1675/A1584/A1652/A2152/A2123/A2153/A1893/A1954/A2133/A2124/A2126
  • Protect your Apple Pencil from shocking and scratching, provides excellent protection from scratches, dirt, shocks, and other daily damages.
  • Premium PU leather with soft non-scratch microfiber interior.
  • Built-in leather pocket and elastic strap allow you to keep pens securely in place and store small accessories such as charging cable.
  • Durable water resistant PU leather and sealing zipper design make it more convenient to use. Note: Apple Pencil is for illustration only and not included.

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9. Thankscase Mushroom Stand for Apple Pencil

Made of solid aluminum material, you would find it impressive enough for providing protection for your Apple Pencil. One of the most popular accessories for the Apple Pencil, it can act as both a horizontal and vertical stand for your Apple Pencil.

Thankscase Mushroom Stand for Apple Pencil

You have a substantially well-made stand that provides you with the right weight and finishes. It can be your best option for the no-frills Apple pencil stand for charging it or even keeping it just like that. If you no longer want to lose your beloved Apple Pencil, it may be an excellent option you would want to go with.

That was a formidable list of the best accessories for Apple Pencil. We assume the list of products we have listed here would ideally meet the needs you may have with respect to protecting your Apple Pencil. Whether they stand or the grip cases, you would find the options extremely interesting enough if you really love your Apple Pencil.

Smart Features:

  • The Apple Pencil Stand is designed like a flower mushroom, an excellent design for your life. Not compatible with Apple Pencil 2.
  • Solid aluminum stands for apple pencil.
  • Stand horizontally and vertically for apple pencil, easy hold, and stand when your pencil is charging.
  • Beautiful color with texture.
  • Perfect for your pencil, the stand is sold only by Thanks case.

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