Best Feature Phones In India 2021 – Latest & New Mobile Phones List

Best Feature Phones: Are you in a need of mobile phone with the long lasting battery? Do you need to give the phone as a gift to a less educated person? Are you interested in purchasing a low radiating mobile phone? Do you need a phone with just basic features? Do you want to purchase a mobile phone for your children just to maintain contact? Then the best solution for all these is to purchase the best feature phone available in the market.

It is the oldest mobile phone invented before the arrival of smartphones. With the advent of smartphones, people have shifted from feature phones to smartphones. But there are people who are still using feature phones. As per our knowledge the old age people, the farmers living in rural areas, low waged workers, and people from below the poverty line are using these featured phones.

Best Feature Phones In India

Best Feature Phones In India 2021

1. Nokia 216

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The Nokia 216 is a great feature phone ideal for users who need no smart functionality.

They do the age-old jobs you expect from a mobile phone like crystal clear voice call, text messaging, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and torchlight functionality without any issue.

  • Dual SIM feature phone
  • Torchlight+FM Radio
  • Ergonomic design
  • No 3G/4G connectivity

2. Samsung Guru FM Plus

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3. Nokia 105

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4. Micromax X512

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5. Samsung Guru Music 2

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6. Karbonn K9

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7. Lava A3

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8. Micromax X380

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9. KECHAODA K112 Triple SIM Keypad Mobile

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Feature phones help them in making calls, for seeing time, calculating small amounts, and for taking low pixel pictures. As their no extra advanced features and operation with this phone will be less so the radiation being emitted will also be less. You can gift it to the old age people who were in just need to make phone calls and also for the farmers who need to check the messages about their bank accounts provided by the government.

The children who are staying in hostels can be given these phones so that they won’t get disturbed and stay focussed on their education. Even some IT companies which are having high secure projects allow only the basic feature phones. Nowadays even hospitals are mandating their nurses and staff to use these feature phones instead of smartphones so that they can concentrate more on their work and health of the patients.

The range of features of these feature phones been changing from low to high. The price also being ranged from 1000 to 6000 rupees. Even they are getting different models with varying pixels of the camera, storing ram and battery types. It is having a feature of being lasting for many years. Once we invest in purchasing it you no need to buy for several years. The screen will be of fewer inches compared to smartphones. The keypad to operate with numbers and letters is the most common thing of all feature phones. So while purchasing the best basic mobile phone in India we request you to go through the parameters which we provide below.

How to choose the Best Feature Phone

  • Camera

The camera will be of very low megapixels starting from the range of 2 pixels which won’t give any clarity in the picture. As this is not the requirement for you can purchase the best basic phone in India with a camera of fewer pixels or even without a camera. As many IT companies won’t allow camera based feature phones make sure you know your requirement while purchasing the best basic mobile phone.

  • Battery

The battery is the most important feature being checked while purchasing the best basic phone with long battery life. The more the battery storage capacity and being able to give charging for a longer time once you fully charge it is the most important feature needed. As people living in rural areas will have more power cuts it is recommended to purchase the best basic phone with long battery life.

  • Storage

As there won’t be many images to store less storage is enough. There is also a facility of placing memory cards in these phones it is recommendable to purchase the best feature phone 2021 India which storage capacity as per your need. The messages being generate needed to be stored on the mobile phone. So it is needed to have a minimum storage capacity to handle those messages.

  • Price

The price ranges from 1000 to 5000 rupees. Recently JIO has renounced the best feature phone with many advanced features with many features at a low cost. It is in a perfect range in price to purchase by the low-class people. And in some areas, the government is sponsoring these phones as gifts to connect the rural people with the world.

  • Torch

A torch is one of the facilities being provided in most of the featured phones it can help most of the people like farmers and old age people who are in a need of torchlight when there is no power in their areas.

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