9 Best Gps Tracker in India 2021 – [For Vehicles, Car, Bike & Kids]

Best Gps Tracker in India: Do you have a valuable car? Are your children driving the car and you are worried about them?

Are you in trouble with your car being stolen? Are you sending your children to school in a car with the driver? Are you having sleepless nights due to the fear of the car being stolen?

Are you facing problem in doing shopping by parking the car outside shopping malls? Is your mind rotating around your vehicle while watching movies as you placed it outside?

Best Gps Tracker in India

With the help of a GPS tracker in your car, you can solve all these problems. GPS means Global Positioning Satellite. It can show the location of your vehicle. You can trace your children driving status all the time. You can find your car if it is stolen by a thief. You can send your children safely to school. This is the advanced technology now being implemented in cars and bikes.

You can sleep during nights without any worry of the thieves as GPS tracker has an alert generation mechanism and also a connection to your mobile. You can respond immediately if it is being stolen. You can do shopping freely if you park your car somewhere outside. You can track your vehicle even if it is located at some unknown place.

“With the best GPS tracker in your vehicle, you can sleep, work, relax, can do shopping, can watch a movie in theatre happily even if it is placed somewhere outside”

Types of Best GPS Tracker in India:

These are of two types based on the response they give.

  • Active tracker or Real Time tracker

This gives the updates every time. You can get the actions actively. You can track everything like the speed limit, places visited. This has a connection with the satellite so that you get updates in life.

  • Passive tracker

This stores the data as per your requirement and provides you as per your need. This is a bit cheaper than the activity tracker. But it needed storage.

Best Vehicle or Car GPS Tracking Devices in India

1. Autowiz Gps Car Tracker – Plug N Play

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First on our list is the AutoWiz OBD GPS Car tracker. A simple Plug N Play GPS tracker for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The very reason why the Autowiz GPS tracker takes the first place on our list is because of its sheer reliability and abundant positive ratings by happy users.

  • A highly reliable piece of hardware
  • Not just for cars but also works for trucks, buses, and any vehicle with a J1939 OBDII port.
  • Ensures safe driving and saves fuel and relieves of tension
  • Ideal for not just individuals but also cab owners or families where each member owns a different car too
  • Not Waterproof
  • Not for bikes

2. Optimus Tracker GPS Tracker

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It is a perfect device for your car, which is an Optimus tracker that syncs with your account and provides routine features. The service coverage is available in many countries and all over the world.

The website provides you with a piece of detailed information that tracks the location of your vehicle throughout the day, the time that you spend at each location, the parking time, and also the time that is taken for movement.

  • It gives detailed data
  • It has an SOS button for emergency
  • Good Tracking job
  • No updates on battery utilization.
  • Usage manual is not self-explanatory.

3. Acumen Tracker UC 900 GPS Tracker

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4. MasTrack OBD Live GPS Vehicle Tracker

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5. ZAICUS GPS Tracker

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6. Akari GPS Tracker

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7. GPS Tracker for Car Motorcycle Truck

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8. Sana GPS Tracker

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How to Choose the Best GPS Tracker for Car in India?

  • Type of tracker:

You need to select it based on your requirement. If you use the car daily only for sending your children to school then you can choose the passive tracker. That means if you use your car for a long time in a day then it is better to have an activity tracker. If you use your car rarely then passive tracker is sufficient.

  • Mobile Connecting Capability:

If your car GPS tracker has a mobile connecting capability then it benefits you a lot. As mobile became the device which will be all the time with you. You can track your car easily with this feature.

  • Updates in the form of alerts and notifications:

It will be so helpful if your GPS tracker can give alerts. So that you no need to look into the application always. You can just check it when you get the alert or notification sound.

It can send you alerts when the engine starts. Then you can know easily if the thief steals the vehicle. Not only in one case but also for whatever operation it maybe it sends you the alerts. Choose the best GPS tracker in India which gives you alerts faster so that you can respond faster.

  • Interface:

The interface should be easy to understand. Then the operating procedure will be easy.

  • Battery life:

The battery life of the GPS tracker should be more. Choose the model which gives you better battery life.

  • Accuracy:

This helps in the car being stolen case. The higher the accuracy the faster you can catch the thief. The cheaper model GPS tracker cannot recognize the car with better accuracy. Whereas the high-end model can locate the car even up to the 8 feet distance. Choose the model with optimum accuracy.

Our Suggestions:

1) Location to place the GPS tracker for car: It is advisable to keep it on the external side of the car. Because in a hurry the thief enters the car without checking the outside of the car and so that he won’t be able to remove it. You can track him and catch him.

2) Legality: It is illegal to place the GPS tracker for somebody’s vehicle. So you need to have your own vehicle and then only you can keep the GPS tracker for your own vehicles.

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