9 Best Pedestal Fans in India 2021 – Find The Perfect One

Best Pedestal Fans in India: Fan is the most required component at home. Fans are of two types – Ceiling fans and pedestal fans. Ceiling fans are hanging to the ceiling and pedestal fans are placed on the floor. Both were used in an equal amount by the people. But pedestal fans in India are the most suitable type of fans for many people. These are also called stand fans in India. As ceiling fans can’t be carried with us, the pedestal fans will be more suitable to carry.

Not only at home but also at function halls these pedestal fans became so common. They can cover most of the people due to their rotating features and also being located close to the people. During summer these are of more use because they can be carried outside of the home and so people can sleep happily in cool air. The hostel living students also prefer to buy this because they can carry it easily when they shift the hostels. Low budget businesses also prefer to have these type of pedestal fans in their offices. Some people who are living in small rooms where there is no possibility of placing ceiling fans choose to have this fan.

Best Pedestal Fans in India

The dust-generating places like godowns and ration shops prefer to keep the pedestal fan. Because if they place ceiling fans in these types of places then the spread of dust increases. This causes a lot of health problems for the people working there especially respiratory problems.

Best Pedestal Fans in India

1. Havells Tourner 400mm Fan

Havells Tourner 400mm Pedestal Fan (White)
  • India's first fan with 360 degree swiveling fan head for best air circulation in room
  • Up to 8 hours timer with automatic switch off
  • On or off, speed controls, timer functions through remote control
  • As per comfort desired select between standard, natural wind and sleep modes

2. American Micronic Pedestal Fan

  • Pedestal Fan with 3 speed energy saving 100% Copper motor & high air delivery of 75 Cu.mtr/min.
  • 120 minutes timer with automatic shutdown
  • Aerodynamically designed blades with 400mm sweep, Air Delivery: 75 Cu.mtr/min
  • Height adjusting mechanism & Uniform Oscillation function

3. Usha Mist Air ICY Pedestal Fan

Usha Mist Air ICY with Remote 400MM 50- Watt Pedestal Fan...
  • 3 Intelligent Wind Modes :This smart fan comes with 3 wind modes- Normal, Natural and Sleep which allow you to personalize your comfort according to your needs.
  • Remote Control : Aimed at giving you complete control , this usha pedestal fan comes with a smart remote .
  • Sleep Timer:Control the number of hours you want your fan to run with a remote controlled sleep timer.
  • 5 Aerodynamically Designed Blades:Unlike a regular pedestal fan this fan comes with 5 aerodynamic blades. Smooth Air Delivery : This pedestal fan by Usha excels at that job with 400mm sweep size and 5 blades which makes the fan deliver air at the rate of 65 m3/min

4. V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan with Remote and Timer; Speed:...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - 1300 RPM Speed | 40 cm Sweep | 65 m³/min Air Delivery | Aerodynamically Designed Blades for Higher Air Thrust
  • ULTRA CONVENIENT - Remote Control | 3 Speed Setting | In-Built 7.5 Hour Timer | Smooth & Jerk Free Synchronous Motor Driven Oscillation | Telescopic Height With Adjustable Metal Stand | 3 Wind Modes – Normal: Nature: Sleep
  • BUILT TO LAST - Strong ABS Body | Powerful Copper Motor
  • SAFE & EFFICIENT - In-built Overheat and Overload Protector | CRNO Lamination Embedded Motor

5. Ibell WINDP10 Pedestal Fan

iBELL WINDP10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf with Remote and High Air...
  • Warranty: 1 Year Standard & 1 Year Additional on FREE Registration
  • Pedestal fan with Remote Control. Ideal for use in home and office.Power: 55 watts; Operating Voltage : 230V /50Hz
  • Wide Sweep Oscillation and 3 Speed Control, 2 Hour Timer, Whisper Quiet Operation and Self Lubricating Motor
  • High Quality 5 Leaf and Silent Pedestal Fan, Standing fan with High Air Delivery

6. Croma High-Speed Pedestal Fan

Croma 120 Watts 400 mm Pedestal Fan with Adjustable Height...
  • Croma Pedestal Fan; Powerful 120Watts full copper Motor for Quick and Perfectly Smooth Results
  • Light Weight and Ergonomic Design to Snug in your Hands, making it Easy to carry out the Operation
  • Easily control the speed of the Pedestal Fan through the piano switch with 3 different levels of Low, Medium and High. Very low noise level of less than 65dB
  • Oscillation control for focused airflow in one direction. Cord length-1.7 mt

7. Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan

Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan (White)
  • Sweep : 400mm, Power : 100W, Air Delivery : 100CMM, RPM: 2200
  • Full copper motor : Increases durability and provides robust performance
  • High air thrust : Experience high blast of air
  • High Speed : Provides high RPM

8. Bajaj 400mm VPR01 Pedestal Fan

Bajaj 400mm VPR01 Pedestal Fan with Remote (Grey)
  • Acrylic Blade (High Performance) - Consistent delivery over longer duration of time and zero warp from air pressure
  • Timer - Fan operation controlled via timer. Set timings for on and off / speed
  • Silent Operation - Provides better comfort with low air cutting noise, overload thermal performance
  • Warranty- 2 years manufacturer warranty, Power-55 watts, 1300RPM, High speed pedestal Fan

9. USHA Mist AIR DUOS Pedestal Fan

USHA Mist AIR DUOS Pedestal Fan (White)
  • Aerodynamic PP blades for better air delivery with low noise
  • Fuse to auto-protect motor during thermal overloading,
  • Dual colour design with attractive and decorative style,Jerk-free & uniform oscillation
  • Soft hand tilting mechanism with dual options - knob & ratchet type mechanisms

How to Choose the Best Pedestal Fan in India?

  • Size of the fan

They are of varied sizes ranging from small to big. Choose it according to the room size. If the room size is small then small size pedestal fans are enough. If it is of room size then large size pedestal fans. Instead of this placing, many small pedestal fans will be good because it gets air from many directions.

  • Sound:

Choose the pedestal fans which make less noise. Otherwise, you will get disturbed. Mainly the pedestal fans purchasing for the home should be more pleasant. In function halls, it is ok to have a pedestal fan with a small noise generation. If you had the noise then you can’t sleep well.

  • Speed:

There should be options for varying fan speeds. Most of the fans start from the speed indication of zero to three which means from low to high. It is calculated in rotations per minute.

  • Motion:

There are two motions in this pedestal fan. Fixed motion can be used for a single person. Oscillating motion can cover lots of people at your home. This is most of the important motion in function halls.

  • Delivery of air:

The delivery of air is measured in cubic per minute. Choose the pedestal fan which gives it of high quality.

  • Material:

Pedestal fans can be of either plastic or of steel type. The blades which are made up of steel give more speed but there is a problem of getting rusted. The plastic type of fans may not last for a long time due to their delicateness. Choose according to your need.

  • Weight:

Mostly the pedestal fans are lightweight but the fan with steel blades will have some weight.

  • Power consumption:

Pedestal fans consume more power compared to ceiling fans. The more the speed and the more the usage the more the power consumption be. As there will be only one pedestal fan be placed at home so power consumption won’t be that much. In function halls, the power consumption will be more as they are placed in more numbers to cover large halls.

  • Wire:

Choose the model with a long length of plugging wire. Then you can place it near to you from the charging point. By placing it in this way you can get a better amount of air and won’t get sweaty.

Our Suggestion:

  1. Be careful with the pedestal fans. Otherwise, your children may keep their hands in the blades and get hurt.
  2. There are chances of getting shocked if you touch the fan with wet hands. Be careful not to do this.
  3. Place them nearby the windows so that the cooling air present outside can come inside and gives you cool pleasant air.

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