10 Best Trolley Luggage Bags in India 2021 -【Latest Bags List】

Best Trolley Bags: Luggage bags or trolley bags have always been one of the excellent options for almost every requirement you may have. They can be one of the right options for practically everyone needs you may have when traveling. No matter whether you are looking for the conveyance for the business, pleasure travels, and any other option, picking the best trolley bags can be what would make it one of the best options we would focus on.

If you are looking for the best trolley bags brands in India, there are plenty of choices available for choosing the right ones. The bags you choose should have a lot of factors to consider. Paying good attention to those key factors would ensure that you can get the best luggage bags.

Best Trolley Luggage Bags

10 Best Trolley Luggage Bags in India 2021

1. Skybags Cardiff Polyester 52 cms Black Travel Duffle

Skybags Cardiff Polyester 52 cms Black Travel Duffle...
  • Outer Material: Polyester, Color: Black
  • Capacity: 39 liters; Weight: 2330 grams; Dimensions: 53 cms x 28 cms x 30 cms (LxWxH)
  • Lock Type: Butterfly Lock, Number of Wheels: 2, Number of compartments: 1
  • Laptop Compatibility: No, Expandable Feature: Yes

When it comes to choosing a good trolley luggage bag, the first thing that you need to check is to see if the bag is indeed durable. Given that, you may want to take a closer look at this model as the Sky bag trolley duffle comes from one of the leading luggage brands, VIP. The bag is certainly spacious enough and yet, at the same time, compact with a nice, sleek design.

  • It comes with a sleek and compact design
  • It comes with butterfly lock as well as collapsing handle
  • It comes with two wheels
  • It also comes with a reinforced base for support
  • And it also comes with a three-year product warranty
  • it could have come with a better design

2. American Tourister Nylon Bag

American Tourister Nylon 55 cms Blue Travel Duffle (40X (0)...
  • Outer Material: Nylon
  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 61 Litres; Dimension: Height 8.20 cm Width 26.80 cm Length 55.70 cm Weight 0.79 kg
  • Country of Origin: China

For people looking for a luggage bag which can be taken on a small weekend trip, American Tourister Duffle Bag is a perfect choice. It is slightly expensive but a durable and long-lasting luggage bag to fit all your weekend essentials. Built out of a nylon material, this bag is durable yet lightweight and can be used by all.

  • Durable and Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious compartment
  • Multiple front and side pockets
  • Expensive

3. VIP Tryst Polyester

VIP Tryst Polyester 55 cms Crimson Red Softsided Cabin...
  • Outer Material: Polyester, Casing: Soft, Color: Crimson Red
  • Capacity: 30 liters; Dimensions: 55 cms x 26 cms x 39 cms (LxWxH)
  • Lock Type: TSA Lock, Number of Wheels: 4,
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 5 Year

The best product from the VIP cabin bag range, this soft-sided bag packs tons of features without ripping you off your money. In any case, given the longstanding trustworthiness of the brand, I feel that a VIP Trolley bag price is always worth the investment.

Additionally, this bag is available in two colours and in three sizes, so if you want all your luggage to look similar and part of the same series, you could definitely opt for this bag.

  • Great quality soft-sided trolley bag
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Comes in a high-quality butterfly lock
  • No TSA lock
  • It comes with four wheels and therefore does not have the smoothest of wheels.

4. American Tourister Hugo Polyester 

American Tourister Hugo Polyester 50 cms Blue Softsided...
  • Outer Material: Polyester, Casing: Soft-sided, Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 50 cms X 38 cms X 77 cms (L x W x H)
  • Fun and vibrant travel collection for the fashion-savvy, shiny cuzy fabric with 1680D trims, spacious front pocket with lockable zippers, quick access pocket in front for travel essentials, smooth and sturdy recessed wheels, bright Neon color lining inside
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer, 3 year domestic warranty

Did you know that bright coloured luggage are less stolen in transit? In bold blue coloured exteriors and with neon colour lining, this soft sided suitcase is for a great choice for the fashion-savvy vibrant traveler. Weighing about 3 kg, the expandable trolley bag has spacious front and side pockets, sturdy 360 degree wheels, and lockable zippers making it a comfortable and safe option for a 3-5 day trip.

5. Swiss Gear Unisex Rubber Luggage Suitcase

Swiss Gear Unisex Rubber and ABS Expandable Hardside 19...
  • Material: Rubber and ABS
  • Colour: Grey
  • Length: 19 Inch

There is something about a classic slate grey hard-sided cabin bag that instantly appeals to travelers and this beautiful small travel bag will do exactly that!

  • Classic design
  • lightweight
  • strong hard case
  • 5-year International warranty
  • No lock
  • The design is common and you may need to use a name tag to avoid confusion on luggage belts.

6. Skybags Rubik Polyester

Skybags Rubik Polyester 68 Cms Blue Softsided Check-in...
  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 66 liters; Weight: 4500 grams; Dimensions: 46.5 cms x 31.5 cms x 68.5 cms (LxWxH)
  • Lock Type: Number Lock, Number of Wheels: 4, Number of compartments: 1
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • It is easier to carry, good looking as well
  • It is smooth 4 wheeler stroll
  • It has 5 year Warranty on product
  • It has a push button trolley
  • A little bit costly

What to look for in the Best Trolley Bags in India

There are several factors you should give serious thought to before you can pick the best trolley bags for your traveling requirement. We thought we would assist you in choosing the right options in the right spirit.

Type of the Trolley bags

The type of best travel bags in India would be available in different forms and types. The exact type of bag you choose would be dependent on the type of travel you would opt for. If you are travelling by air, you would need a lightweight and portable in every right. You would also need to focus on the weight restrictions imposed by the airport authority.

Number of pockets

The number of pockets should definitely have a lot to do with the material you would be able to carry. In case you tend to carry a lot of luggage during your travel, your search for the best luggage bags would need more space and more pockets. It would also be dependent on the type of objects you normally carry in your bag.

Waterproof features

The travel bags are not meant to be kept in shade. They would always be carried in an outside environment. Your choice of the best trolley bags in India should ideally be focussed on whether your new trolley bag comes with waterproof functionality. India is one of the countries that tend to receive huge rain. Make sure that your chosen bag has the right sort of waterproof capability.

The right type of material

You would definitely find a wide range of options for the best trolley bags brands in India and the choice of the right material should not come as a huge task as such. The common material used in the manufacturing of the best trolley bags would include leather, micro fiber, PVC, polyester, and nylon. Choose the best bag based on your individual requirements.


This is exactly what would matter a lot when picking the best luggage bags. This is one of the most important aspects that you would want to focus on based on the exact purpose you want the bag for. In fact, you would perhaps want to buy a few different bags for different purposes.

Well, picking the best trolley bags may not be an easy task as such. We would just assume that the right tips for picking the best luggage bags should be helpful in making a truly learned choice. Check out the best options for the best bags and share your thought with us.

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