10 Best Vertical Monitors For Coding, Reading & Gaming 2022

Best Vertical Monitor: Vertical monitors were not much common just a few years ago. A vertical monitor will be helpful in viewing the screen in the portrait mode instead of the traditionally used landscape mode. This can be helpful in fitting more amount of text on your screen. The vertical monitor setup can come much handy when browsing social media and text heavy websites.

best vertical monitor

Which is the Best Vertical Monitor you Should go with?

Well, the choice of the best monitor you would choose should be dependent on the purpose you would be putting it to. In case it is just for browsing, checking emails, and several of those simple tasks, you may not need a high end vertical monitor setup.

If you are into coding and similar other activities, it may be a good idea to opt for the best vertical monitor for your purposes. It may be practical enough to opt for a vertical monitor for coding that offers you an exceptional performance level.

  • Why Buy Vertical Monitors

Well, you may be asking yourself why you should go with a vertical monitor setup? Well, we have several reasons that would make it a great idea. Let us check out a few valid reasons to ensure that opting for upgrading your monitor.

Some of the reasons that you would find it a practical option would include the following valid reasons.

  • Better text visibility

The conventional monitors are best to work with streaming, video consumption, and gaming. But, if you are into using a lot of text, a vertical monitor should be a prime option. That would make a vertical monitor for coding a more practical option.

They can also be a good option for those of you who have been using it for social media services such as Facebook or Instagram. In addition, it would also be a useful option for working with reports, word processors, and checking your emails.

  • It Occupies Less Space

If you are looking to optimize the desk space, you will find it one of the great options to go with the best vertical monitor. This is precisely what would make it one of the best options to go with vertical monitors.

A vertical monitor should be an excellent option you would want to go with if you are checking out the options for improving your productivity. In case you are looking at the possibility of using a dual monitor, you can definitely check out the option of the best monitor for vertical use.

  • They are highly affordable

Yet another added advantage of using vertical monitors would involve the affordability offered by the platform. The monitors do not need any specific high end features, and that is precisely why they are available at a low cost.

They can be one of the greatest ever options if you are looking at the best options in terms of high speed gaming and streaming.

With the right vertical monitor, you will definitely find it one of the perfect and excellent choices ever. Like we stated already, these can be one of the perfect options for those working with text based functions. Opt for them today, and you would be in for an enhanced experience ever.

10 Best Vertical Monitors For Reading & Gaming 2021

Before we proceed to our list, it is recommended to figure out your requirements and budget first and then proceed with our list of best vertical monitors.

1. HP VH240a IPS Vertical Monitor

HP VH240a IPS Vertical MonitorHP VH240a belongs to the HP’s Work Line range of business monitors that offer stellar performance with optimum comfort to business users. The monitor is intended explicitly for those who spend substantial time on the desk. With the addition of ergonomic stand, the HP VH240a has become a potential contender in the market for those who seek the ability to align display vertically.

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2. ASUS VN279QL 27” Monitor

ASUS VN279QL 27” Monitor

This HD vertical monitor provides high definition viewing with HDMI and VGA display ports. The bezel is extremely narrow with a width of only 8mm. That is part of the reason why this is a good monitor if you are looking for something to use for multi-screen viewing. Add to these features the ergonomically designed stand and you have a screen that can tilt, swivel, and pivot. Even the height is adjustable.

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3. Dell P Series 24″ LED-Lit Vertical Monitor

Dell P Series 24″ LED-Lit Vertical Monitor

When it comes to budget monitors, the Dell P2419H is one the best in the segment with its offerings. The monitor has a three-sided bezel-free screen on the front that promises an uninterrupted viewing experience to the users. Moreover, users will love the plethora of connectivity ports that Dell P2419H offers.

When it comes to design, Dell nailed it with the bezel-less frame and fully adjustable stand that lets you pivot, tilt, height, and swivel your monitor. The thin frame of the monitor makes it easy for users who want to take advantage of the multiple monitor setup. The stand has a very small foot-print which doesn’t take much space on the desk. When it comes to displaying, the Dell P2419H features an IPS panel of 1920 x 1080 resolution which results in detailed clarity and vibrant colors. The display has been improved over its predecessor resulting in much better contrasts, brightness, and viewing angles.

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4. Dell Ultra Sharp U2414H LED Monitor Bundle

Dell Ultra Sharp U2414H LED Monitor BundleThe fact that this portrait monitor is bundled with a mounting arm sets it apart from other available options. The monitor itself is ultra-thin, and it easily attaches to the arm that is included in your purchase. This arm gives you the ability to rotate the device from landscape to portrait as well as tilt it forward by five degrees and 70 degrees backward. It attaches to any desk that measures between 0.4 and 2.4 inches in thickness and gives you a way to completely customize your experience.

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4. ViewSonic VP2468 Professional 24″ Vertical Monitor

ViewSonic VP2468 Professional 24″ Vertical MonitorThe ViewSonic VP2468 is a professional monitor for photography and graphic designing tasks where color accuracy matters a lot. The VP2468 comes factory calibrated to deliver an incredible Delta e<2 value for superior color accuracy, which makes it the most color-accurate 1080p vertical monitor for content creation.

Overall: If you’re looking for a budget color-accurate monitor to suffice your daily designing requirements, then ViewSonic VP2468 is the best monitor to consider that supports vertical orientation as well.

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These are currently the best vertical monitors shortlisted by our group of monitor professionals. We found all the goods and bad about these monitors and mentioned them here so that you can make an informed decision on your purchase. We again suggest our readers figure out their requirements and then proceed with this buying guide. Also, if you have any questions, then you can ask in the comments below.

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