10 Best Floor Buffer for Home Use & Commercial Use in 2021

Best Floor Buffer for Home Use: The floor buffers or floor polishers are the floor scrubbers that work on the basis of electrical power. In fact, these floor buffer machine options are used for cleaning up the non carpeted areas. These scrubbers are made of scrub and are operated with the help of a motor. If you are looking for the best options to keep your floors cleaner, the hardwood floor polishing machine can be an excellent option.

A floor buffer machine or a floor polisher machine is what would ideally help you clean up any of the non carpeted floors. This can include floors made of hardwood, marble, tile, or linoleum.

best floor buffer for home useThe machine would ideally look like a vacuum cleaner in terms of its looks, The round shaped scrub pad is used to scrub the floor. Your machine runs on motor power and is controlled with the help of a handlebar. You can opt for the hardwood floor polishing machine or similar other machines either for commercial, industrial, or domestic purposes. They would offer you an excellent option to take care of an easier and faster cleaning of your floors.

Best Floor Buffer for Home Use & Commercial Use in 2021

1. Oreck Orbiter All-In-One Floor Cleaner

  • It is incredibly versatile and adaptable,
  • This product wax, refinishes, buffs, and sands all types of floors,
  • It is also useful for carpet cleaning,
  • Orbit commercial machine has a random orbital drive system
  • It comes with a 50-foot power cord that enables the floor buffer to cover a wide area
  • The motor needs extra care as it can be damaged with the slightest mistake

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2. Oreck Orbiter – All-in-One Floor Cleaner

  • This product cleans the tile from the root by removing stains,
  • It helps to restore the marble of the floor,
  • It deeply cleans the carpet,
  • Old hardware floor can be refinished by it,
  • The brush here attached is rotated in a random orbit.
  • It does not come with any extra pads, scrubber, and solutions.

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3. Mercury Floor Buffer Pro 150020

  • It is nonmarring full-wrap bumpers that protect walls and baseboards,
  • This machine has a flexible pad holder system,
  • It prevents low voltage problem and startup torque problem,
  • Mercury Floor Machine accepts almost 20 synthetic pads.
  • For being an all-in-one machine, it needs extra care.

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4. Karcher Floor Scrubber, Drier and Polisher

  • It is easy to clean the machine without having any special tools,
  • You can remove any types of tough stains easily,
  • To fill and remove water from the tank is not so complicated,
  • For cleaning, one only needs a cleaning solution applied in the scrubber.
  • Some user reports the on/off switch of it doesn’t work instantly.

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5. Powr-Flite NM171HD 17″ Millennium Floor Machine

  • It has a powerful 1.5 hp motor,
  • This machine can handle any cleaning job easily,
  • In this device, all-steel triple planetary gearboxes are attached,
  • It has all types of premium features to perform floor cleaning workout.
  • This machine is probably weighed a little bit heavier.

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6. Viper Floor Cleaning Equipment- Venom Series VN2015

  • It comes with a fingertip control system,
  • Very easy to use,
  • Horsepower is 1.5 HP,
  • It has motor mounted pad driver storage.
  • The product has not any adjustable handle.

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7. Koblenz P-820 B Shampooer/Polisher Cleaning Machine

Best Features:

  • It shampoos and polishes floors
  • Unique black and grey finish adding an interesting style
  • Durable high-impact housing
  • The lamb wool and tan pads create maximum cleaning stability
  • Comes with two speed levels

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How to buy the Best Floor buffer for home use?

But, how would you be able to get yourself the best possible options among the floor polisher machine choices? The following buying considerations would be helpful enough.

  • Power Requirements

The exact power requirement on your floor buffer machine would be dependent upon the work schedule you have planned for yourself. The floor polisher machine is available in power capacities ranging between 1 and 2 HP. You can opt for a 1 HP machine for normal cleansing and go with a 2HP hardwood floor polishing machine if you are looking for a heavy-duty application.

  • Type of floor

Before you buy a wood floor polisher, it would be worthwhile checking out the type of floor you would want to clean up. Choose a machine specifically designed for your flor type. If you are looking to clean up different types of floors, it may be ideal for checking a multipurpose floor buffer machine.

Structure of the floor Polisher Machine

The structure of the machine is yet another important factor that would ideally need attention if you are checking out the options for buying a wood floor polisher. The material of the best floor buffer for home use should be durable enough and focus on the type of floor you would be using it on. The handles and motors of the machine would be the factors you need to focus on.

  • Safety

Safety features available on the hardwood floor polishing machine would assume a lot of importance on which type of machine are you opting for. Safety features should focus both on the quality of the floor in addition to ensuring your personal safety.

A clean floor will definitely add more value to your home. Manual cleaning of the floor does not necessarily provide the much needed cleansing. That is exactly where a powerful floor polisher machine can come quite handy. In addition to helping you clean up the floor, these wood floor polisher machines would also be useful in cleaning, polishing and buffing your floors making it extremely clean and smoother to a greater extent.

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