9 Best Inverter Battery for Home in India (2022) – Buyer’s Guide!

Best Inverter in India: Are you feeling dis comfortable with the power loss at your place? Are your children crying a lot due to frequent power cuts? Is your work getting affected due to a lack of power? Are your children unable to attend online classes? Is your housewife unable to cook due to heat in the kitchen?

Then you need to purchase the best inverter for your home. With the help of the inverter, you can fulfill all your requirements. Your work won’t get affected and you can submit your project works on time. Your children can complete their online classes without any interruption.

Your housewife can take a rest after completing her work in the kitchen. Your old age parents can take rest without any unpleasantness.

Best Inverter Battery for Home

Earlier days people used to have generators at home and also at business places like offices, cinema halls, function halls, exhibitions, and many other places. It is okay to have the noise generator at a place like an exhibition. And it can also be placed in movie theatres as they allocate a separate room and make the noise to get closed. But for home purposes and in apartments we can’t use the generator as it generated a lot of noise. And it also needs a manual operation to switch it on and off. So it is highly recommendable to go for the best inverter for homes.

So, you will be having a doubt about which inverter is best for your home. Below we will help you in clarifying this.

Best Inverter Battery for Home in India

1. Microtek Ups Hybrid Sinewave Inverter

MICROTEK Ups 24x7 Hb 725Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter
  • Hybrid Technology for Noiseless and Better Performance with Longer Backups & Battery Life.
  • Battery Charging Current Selection Switch with Standard (10 Amps) & Fast Charging (14 Amps) Mode.
  • IBGM Technology – Increases Battery Life and Performance by maintaining correct Battery Gravity.
  • PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging.

If you are looking for an inverter for a small home requirement: a few fans, a few lights and a TV/computer, then this inverter from Microtek is a perfect buy for you. This 725 VA/12 V (single battery) inverter is a pure sine wave inverter that will have noiseless performance. It has an IBGM (Intelli Battery Gravity Management) Technology which is an intelligent battery management technology that helps the inverter charge batteries quickly and also provides longer battery life and longer backups.

This inverter has two charging modes: standard (10 Amp) and Fast Charging (14 Amps), which means a regular 150 Ah battery can get charged in 150/10 = 15 hrs in standard mode and 150/14 = 10.71 hrs in fast charging mode. The inverter utilizes PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging which ensures battery health when the battery is at full capacity.

2. Luminous Zelio Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sinewave 900VA/12V Inverter for...
  • Battery Compatibility - Compatible with 1 X (12V) battery of Capacity Between 80 Ah-220 Ah Battery. The Ups Supports wide range of Batteries Like A Flat Plate, Tubular, Smf (To Be Purchased Separately)
  • Digital Display that shows Power back-up / battery charging time in Hours and Minute
  • Bypass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of any Inverter malfunction

Luminous Zelio UPS is India’s most intelligent Home UPS which comes with various modern features in terms of safety, usability, and protection. This product is a pure digital sine-wave type of inverter in which you can use for high powered appliances or for running multiple devices.

Works best to keep safe for sensitive appliances with its sine-wave output. This inverter uses a single battery system (supports up to 200 AH) with 756 Watts / 900 VA rated power. With this inverter, you can run the load of 3 CFL, 3 ceiling fans, 3 tube lights, 1 television & 1 air cooler/refrigerator during power outages.

3. Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter

Luminous Inverter & Battery Combo (Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sine...
  • Inverter Details- Type: Pure Sine wave inverter;Inverter Capacity: 900VA/12 Volt; Support: Single Battery of 12V; Max.Peak Load: 756 watt
  • Battery Details- Type: Tall tubular battery; Construction: Rugged, Rated Capacity: 150 Ah/12V, Water Level Indicators: 6
  • Running Load: 1 fridge (250 liters), 1 LED TV 40", 3 fans, 2 tube light, 1 LED bulb
  • Inverter Dimensions: 27.5x24.8x12 CM

Luminous manufactures some of the best inverters in India. This model is the ideal one for Indian households. Let us look at some of the salient features of this appliance.

This inverter is a 900VA capacity appliance although the model number indicates 1100. The Luminous Zelio 1000 is a powerful inverter capable of handling your refrigerator load.

Alternatively, you can use your mixer and grinder along with the regular fans and lights. Hence, it suits the requirements of a typical Indian home.

This inverter comes with an RC18000 Tubular battery with a capacity of 150 Ah. The LCD provides valuable information about the charging times, backup left, and even the water level in the batteries. If there is a fault in the inverter system, the LCD alerts you so that you can bypass the inverter.

4. Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter
  • Input voltage (standard range) 100 v - 300 v
  • Charging Current (Standard) : 10 Amps ± 1 Amps

Microtek inverter is a well-known brand in the Indian Inverter Industry. The brand is recommended on a wide basis for its budget-friendly & high-end quality products.

Microtek UPS SEBz Sine Wave Inverter is a 950VA rated capacity and 760W of output power. The charging current is 10A. The battery mode delivers over 80% of efficiency. This inverter is user-friendly and can be operated on a standard voltage range of 100V-300V and a narrow voltage range of 180V-260V.

Microtek is offering 2 years of warranty on this inverter in addition to a no-cost EMI payment option and free delivery. You can also return the product within 10 days if don’t get satisfied. To get this amazing deal, click on the button below.

5. Exide Technologies 850Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups Inverter

Exide Technologies 850Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups Digital...
  • Protection: High quality protection built up in the PCB
  • LCD Display : for better user Interface and displaying State of Battery Voltage and Charge , AC mains input voltage , Display Actual load connected in %, Display overload, Short circuit trip , Battery low trip, AC mains Fuse blown, etc.
  • Electrolyte Level Sensor indicator: For indicating Battery water level low.

Exide is an evergreen brand that has been contributing quality appliances to the Indian markets. Inverters manufactured by this company boast about their consistency in service, quality, and performance par excellence.

580W is the maximum load capacity for this Exide inverter. A warranty of 24 months has been offered by the company. It is available at a discount of over 35% on amazon India.

6. Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter with RC

Luminous Inverter & Battery Combo (Cruze+ 2KVA Pure Sine...
  • Inverter Details- Type: Pure sine wave s Capacity & DC Voltage: 2000VA/24V; Suppport: Double Battery each of 12V; Input Voltage Range: 100-285V; MaximumPeak Load: 1680 watts
  • Battery Details- Type: Tall tubular battery; Construction: Rugged, Rated Capacity: 150 Ah/12V, Water Level Indicators: 6
  • Running Load: 1 fridge (250 liters), 1 LED TV 40", 3 fans, 2 tube light, 1 LED bulb
  • Display: Digital Display for the status of Power back-up/battery charging time in hours and minutes

Finally, we have the Luminous Cruze 2KVA inverter with its own set of batteries.

The Luminous Cruze is the only heavy duty inverter that comes with 2 giant batteries. That along with its ability to handle a great number of appliances places it 5th on our list.

The inverter unit comes with 2 robust 150AH tubular batteries. They are made out of low antimony alloy and thus require very little maintenance. Ready to provide years of service, these batteries are overcharge tolerant and also accept deep discharge which is suited for lengthy power cuts.

7. Flin Energy Flinslim Lite Solar Hybrid Inverter

Flin Energy Flinslim Lite Solar Hybrid Inverter - 3KVA /...
  • Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter with 93% peak efficiency
  • In-built PWM high quality solar charge controller
  • Now comes with power factor 1, so you get full 3kW power
  • Double Surge Power Capacity

Flin Technologies Private Limited is one of the leading companies that deal with solar-powered electronic products.

‘Flinslim lite solar hybrid inverter’ is a pure sine wave hybrid inverter that provides 93% peak efficiency. It has a sleek design and is easy to install an inverter, which comes with an inbuilt solar charge controller.

The primary feature of the flin slim inverter is that it doesn’t require grid power or battery to power the house load. Instead, it powers the house load directly from solar power.

8. Luminous Hkva 2 Kva Sine Cruze Wave UPS Inverter

Luminous Cruze 2KVA Pure Sine Wave 2000VA/ 12V Inverter for...
  • Inverter Details- Type: Pure Sine Wave ; VA Rating: 2000VA/24V; Peak Load: 1680W
  • Running Load: AC, Geyser, Petrol Pumps, Photocopiers, Dental Chairs etc., depending on their capacity (please check the inverter capacity and your power requirement)
  • Inverter Compatibility: Designed for all types of power cut situations with high charge acceptance and low maintenance
  • Battery Compatibility - Compatible with 2X (12V) battery of Capacity Between 80 Ah-220 Ah Battery. The Ups Supports wide range of Batteries Like A Flat Plate, Tubular, Smf (To Be Purchased Separately)

Luminous Hkva is the perfect UPS for home and commercial establishments that give high power needs. It provides special attention to sensitive appliances. The inverter offers reliable and high-quality power back-up for running sensitive and office equipment also.

How to Choose the Best Inverter for Home

  • Battery size

The battery size of the inverter determines how many hours of backup can be provided. It is calculated in VAH. On the basis of inverter VA and backup hours. If you want a 356VA inverter by giving a backup of 8 hours then you need to purchase a 2848Vah inverter. Then the battery required should be a 237 AH battery. This is the sample we have given to know how to calculate the battery size requirement. In the market, the available inverter batteries are from the range of 100 AH to 200 Ah. If you want a higher backup you need to go for the more AH battery. Just for home purposes, you can select a low AH battery.

  • Appliances to be connected

You first need to decide how many appliances to be connected to your inverter. It depends on your requirement and how you use appliances on a daily basis. It is better to connect those appliances which you use on a regular basis. It is not recommended to connect high power consumption appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, water motor to the inverter. If you connect these high power consumption devices then there are chances of your inverter battery getting down within a few minutes.

  • Backup

Backup plays a major role in the inverter. Once the inverter Is charged fully it should give backup for many hours as it is provided in the product purchased details. Even if the power is shut down for many hours it should help you even for a few hours and make you relax enough. Choose the best inverter in India which provides better backup.

  • Battery life

As you invest more money in purchasing the battery of the inverter it should remain for a longer time. It should work properly without losing its capacity. It should get charged fully and should provide the power for the mentioned backup hours. Choose the best home inverter with a battery giving more battery life.

  • Efficiency

The efficiency of the inverter determines how well the output being generated. The power output should be stable enough without any fluctuations. If there are any fluctuations there are high chances of appliances like tube lights and many other devices get broken. Choose the best inverter brands in India which provide higher efficiency.

  • Price

The price of the inverter costs more. It gets started from a range of 10,000 rupees in India. The more they cost the more the battery size will be and the more the backup it can provide. While choosing it for the home you can purchase the low cost inverter. But for offices and business purposes you need to purchase a high cost inverter.

  • Online reviews

Most people are having doubts about which inverter is best to purchase. So it is better to go for online reviews which are available for free on the internet. People are showing interest in updating the reviews of the products after purchasing and using them. You can trust the reviews of the fellow customers who used the product. With the help of these, you can get the best product available in the market.

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