Top 10 Best UV Water Purifier in India 2021 | RO UV UF Water Filter

Best UV Water Purifier in India: Do you have a fear of drinking tap or tin water? Are you more conscious of your health? Do you want to live longer by drinking safe water? Are you in a need of pure water for you and your family? Are you getting rid of purchasing tin waters? Are you not sure of the purity of the tin water?

To happen all these things you need to purchase the best UV water purifier. With the help of the UV water purifier, you can make all your things go happily. The best water purifier in India should be your choice to purchase.

Best UV Water Purifier in India

Top 10 Best UV Water Purifier in India

Do you know water is the more important thing for our bodies! If you keep your body hydrated then you can get out of many diseases. With the help of the water, people can live a longer life. Our body contains more amount of water. Doctors always suggest drinking lots and lots of water to stay healthy.

Among the water purifiers mostly UV protection became an important type in the market. Go through the various models available in the market and purchase one that suits your location. In some areas, the people will get bore water for drinking then they choose the highly purifying water purifier. RO and UV both must need them. If the water is not containing so much dust then can go with the UV water purifier.

1. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top /...
  • Presenting Pureit Copper+ RO, which comes with precise copper dosing that infuses right amount of copper in every glass of water.
  • Its dual water dispensing helps you choose between copper and regular RO water based on your daily needs.
  • Unique patented Copper charge technology charges the water with 99.8% pure copper in real-time.
  • Intelligent copper auto-cleaning ensures fresh copper infusion at all times.

This Hindustan Unilever Ltd Pureit RO water purifier comes with a Copper Charge Technology which enriches water with the goodness of copper. It combines the property of Copper+ RO+UV+MF along with advanced 7-stage water purification. In it, there is the electrochemical dissolution of copper in water which charges RO water with 99.8% pure copper in real-time just before dispensing. Cooper boosts immunity, improves digestion, helps fight obesity, and many more.

It comes with a big 8-liters water storage tank along with a high purification capacity of up to 28 liters per hour. Its shiny black color along with strikingly attractive copper shade around the dispensing area gives it an ultra-modern look & feel. The color-changing LED indicators to give an attractive look along with informing you about filter change, a tank full.

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure UV Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Aquaflo DX UV Water...
  • Input Water Temperature :10 - 40°C; Kindly Note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown out by the machine
  • It is encouraged to save the water in a container and use it for cleaning utensils, washing clothes
  • Booster Pump is required for the functioning of water purifier in case of inlet water pressure being less than 0.3kg/cm sq. Available through our service technician at an additional cost
  • Includes: Water Purifier, Installation kit and User manual

The Aquaflow DX is the best choice if you are planning to buy an electric water purifier. This is designed with a dual cartridge and it can eliminate suspended particles, organic compounds, and odor from water and make your drinking water sweet.

This smart water purifier gives you 2 liters of water in a minute. During the fluctuations of voltages, this purifier ensures you work perfectly as there is a built in voltage stabilizer.

3. KENT Maxx Wall Mountable/Table Top UV + UF

KENT Max UV Water Purifier (11013) | UV+UF Water...
  • Multiple purification by UV+UF process happens first by UV followed by hollow fibre UF membrane to completely filter out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • Country of Origin- India
  • Wall-mounted design to be suited for domestic purposes
  • Detachable storage tank for easy removal and cleaning

You will really like the dual UV and UF purification process of the purifier which provides 100% pure, tasty and healthy drinking water for you and your family. Moreover, the unit has a unique feature of a computerized controlled alarm system that alerts you to change the filters or UV lamp. Moreover, the unit has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer to stabilize the power fluctuations.

4. Eureka Forbes UV+UF Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 20 Watts UV+UF Water...
  • Type: Electric with storage; Installation Type: Wall Mount / Table Top
  • Warranty details: 1 year on product
  • Technology: UV+UF water purification
  • Capacity:7 litres

Apart from the amazing filtration and easy to use functions, the Enhance has a perfect design that goes with almost every modern Indian kitchen. The compact dimensions help it to be used even in the smallest kitchen without any issue of free space.

The plastic water tank makes it a fairly lightweight purifier so you won’t find any issue while moving your house or removing it from the scratch.

5. A.O.Smith Z1 UV 10 Litre

AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal UV | UV+ UF (Ultra Violet+ Ultra...
  • STAGES OF PURIFICATION: Healthy drinking water 5 stages of purification with UV Technology [Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Silver Activated Post Carbon + UV Lamp + UFSS* (For Hot water only)].
  • HOT WATER AT A TOUCH OF THE BUTTON: UV purified hot water at 3 temperature modes of ambient/room temperature water, warm (45°C) and (80°C) hot water stored in a Stainless-Steel Tank
  • DOUBLE PROTECTION WITH UV + UF (ULTRA FINE) TECHNOLOGY: Purified drinking water with UV + UF (Ultra Fine) technology
  • ELEVATE YOUR KITCHEN DECOR WITH NIGHT ASSIST FUNCTIONALITY: Elevate your kitchen décor with Night Assist – Glow light effect that guides you to your Water Purifier at night and makes your kitchen look good.

AO Smith is a top international brand of water purifiers producing some of the best UV water purifiers in India. It has a sleek appearance and boasts of a reliable performance because of its excellent features.

Appearance-wise, the AO Smith Z1 is ideal for enhancing the kitchen environment. It works on UV technology and performs the best when purifying water with TDS levels less than 200 ppm.

6. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF AS wall...
  • Presenting Pureit ECO water saver with high water saving technology that saves up to 60% of your water, which is double than ordinary RO's.
  • Mineral enhancer cartridge enriches your water with essential minerals like Calcium & Magnesium, providing you with 100% RO water without bypass.
  • Efficient UV sterilization kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, virus & cyst with a highly effective UV lamp.
  • Smartsense indicators alert you 15 days before filter expiry and suspend water dispensing if the filter is not changed, ensuring you receive mineral-enriched, safe RO water

7. P-LINK® Black Edition RO+UV+TDS+

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How to Choose the Best Water Purifier in India?

These purifiers will kill the harmful chemicals and will purifier the water to the utmost level. In this process, they may even make the water less of minerals. Make sure to pour this water into the ragi container so that it again gains the minerals and gives you enough strength.

By knowing all these things you have to purchase one among the top 10 water purifiers in India. If you do so then you will get fulfilled with the dreams which you are hoping to happen in your life. The best water purifier in India to be chosen by going through many features. Here we are providing a few features which you need to consider while purchasing the best water purifier in India.

  • Quality

The material quality of the water purifier should be good as it needs to get hanged in your kitchen. It should not be broken easily and make sure it is of strong quality. The water it purifies should be of good quality in nature.

  • Fitting

The water purifier should get fit enough to your kitchen wall. It should occupy the space as per your requirement. If it occupies more space then you cannot fix it easily as you need to remove some of the other things in your kitchen. Choose the best water purifier in India which suits your kitchen.

  • Capacity

The water capacity which it can carry should be more. You no need to switch it on when the tank gets empty. If it can carry more water for one round of switch on then you can refill it fewer times. The more capacity the weight will also get increased. Make sure the capacity and weight both suits to your requirement.

  • Tap Connectivity

The tap connectivity should be correctly suitable for the water purifier fitting you choose. Otherwise, it is a waste of money to purchase the best water purifiers in India which do not suit your kitchen tap connection.

  • Filters

The filters which can absorb the dust from the tap water should be exchangeable easily. The replaceable filters should not cost you a lot of money. Make sure to choose the filters which can provide you a good amount of filtering capacity. That means they need to be strongly efficient in cleaning all the impurities present in the tap water which you get.

  • Cleanability

The filters should be easily cleanable and also the tank should be cleanable easily without making you keep more effort.

  • Price

The price of the best UV water purifier will cost more money. They start from 5,000 rupees so make the wise choice while purchasing the best water purifiers in India. Make sure to purchase one among the top 10 water purifiers in India at your price. Don’t compromise on the quality. Purchase during the offer time so that you can get enough discount.

  • Standard

The standard of water purifier which you choose should be as much as possible. Purchase the highly certified product at your budget.

  • Online Purchase

Purchasing online is the best option nowadays. People are updating the reviews after they purchase and use the water purifier. You can go through those reviews and can buy the one which suits your requirement.

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