Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems + Buying Guide [2022]

Best Home Theater Systems: For a better experience of watching movies and listening to music TV speakers are not sufficient. Almost most people prefer soundbars for a better experience. They have better improvement than TV speakers and they are very convenient to use. But these soundbars are not equal to that of theatre experience. For the best theatre experience, you need the best home theatre. Home theatre comes with a combination of satellite speakers, subwoofer, and amplifier receiver. There are many brands in home theatres and the difference in price and features. These are available in combination so that it is easy to set up.

If you are thinking of buying the best home theatre for your home then there are many features to be considered. There are is no need of buying receiver amplifiers and subwoofers separately. To choose the best home theatre I will provide you some quick tips. With these quick tips, you can choose the best home theatre.

Best Home Theater Systems

Quick tips to Purchase Best Home Theater Systems

  • Space and Budget:

Choosing the home theatre space and budget are the first things you have to consider. Almost all people spend time in the interior of the hall and also on the TV set. So that they don’t prefer to buy amplifiers and speakers. To buy speakers the room size and space matter a lot. If your room size is small then you can choose a bookshelf size home theatre. It doesn’t take more space and you can also find some free space. If your room is somewhat large then you can choose the 7.1 home theatre set-up. These come with either floor standing speakers or bookshelf size speakers.

  • Speakers:

For good audio performance, speakers play a major role. Some home theatres come with only bookshelf size theatre. And some speakers come with bookshelf size theatre with floor standing speakers. There are two types of channels in-home theatre they are 5.1 and 7.1. And in these home theatres, there is a subwoofer that helps for low frequency. And the satellite speakers will come with channel speakers with the center, rear, and front speakers. So that you can keep these satellite speakers on four corners of your room or you can mount them to the wall.

  • A/V Receivers:

The main thing in the home theatre is the A/V receiver. So that the home theatre you choose should have a better quality of A/V receiver. These days A/V receiver came with advanced features due to this advanced technology.

  • Power:

The power of the amplifier is measured in terms of watts. To get efficient power to the home theatre make sure the receiver works better. For every channel, the A/V receiver delivers at least 100 watts of power. Other than power impedance is also a thing to look at. Most of the speakers have either 6 or 8 ohms. The best thing is in home theatres these things are already paired so that there is no worry to set up these things.

  • Remote control:

Almost all the home theatres come with remote control. But the thing is the remote should have enough buttons to control. To control all the features of the home theatre you need the required buttons. So that you can have all the features in the home theatre. And also operating range and build quality should be considered. The batteries type also you have to look at because you are supposed to change them.

  • Radio tuners:

There are many channels and Internet stations to listen to music. But still, if you have FM/AM tuner inbuilt in you’re A/V receiver It will be the best. So that other than channels and internet stations you can also listen to local radio.

  • Build quality:

The weight, dimensions of the A/V receiver should also be considered factors in a home theatre. So that if you use your home theatre continuously there will be no issue with heating. The receiver should have enough keys for functioning. So that you can control all the features available in a home theatre.

These are some quick tips to be considered before buying the best home theatre systems. And there some frequently asked questions so that you will have an idea about buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many speakers do I need for a System?

  • You need at least 5 speakers for a traditional surround sound system. So if you choose Dolby Atmos setup then you have some enabled things like in-ceiling speakers or two surround speakers. For a good surround sound system, there will be around 9 speakers.

Atmos enabled speakers really work better?

  • Yes, they work better with additional features. They have added in-ceiling speakers and surround speakers.

What do 5.1 and 7.1 channels mean?

  • The .1 refers to the subwoofer in the home theatre. And the number 7 in 7.q refers to the total of 7 speakers included in the home theatre. And in 5.1 there is a total of 5 speakers included in the system.

Should I prefer small speakers or big speakers?

  • For better sound quality and for theatre experience it’s better to choose big speakers. But if your room is small then go with small speakers. It’s totally your choice but for the best performance, you can go with big speakers.

Where do sound bars play?

  • If you don’t have space then the best option is you can have a soundbar. These come with the right, left, and center speakers inbuilt. Based on your budget you can choose the soundbar system.