10 Best i9 Laptops To Buy in 2021 – Our Best Picks & Reviews

Best i9 Laptops: Are you planning to buy a laptop? Are you confused about choosing the processor for your laptop?

The processor plays a major role in the functioning of the laptop. It is the most important part to do calculations, responses, and processes to the basic instructions provided to the laptop by you.


Even though there are many companies manufacturing processors, the two companies are the most famous. Intel Corporation and AMD processors. AMD processors are older and slower whereas Intel processors are newer and faster in operation.

best i9 laptops

Types of Processors:

1. Intel Core i9: It provides faster performance compared to other processors. These were being used in high-end costly laptops. For gaming purpose, these processors will be used as it provides faster operation. If you are the frequent gaming user and also work on the most important applications and programs then you need to go for it.

2. Intel Core i7: Faster performance provided by this but less than a bit compared to the i9 processor. Among these, there are two types of processors. The one with the name containing ‘Y’ so called Y series which is low in performance. The other with the name containing ’10’ so called tenth generation series is high in performance. Model ending with K is much faster and can be used for gaming.

3. Intel Core i5: The performance and the price are in a balanced mode. Hence it is the most commonly chosen processor by the people. The model ending with U is most common. Same as i7, Y series are low in performance and tenth generation series are faster in performance and used for gaming.

4. Intel Core i3: Performance and price are a bit lower than Intel Core i5.

5. Intel Xeon: High end processor and hence expensive. Powerful and gives good battery life. Useful for professionals, to do 3D modeling, video editing, and much more large application working.

6. AMD Processors: Mostly the laptops with this processor costs less. It is useful for people who do online surfing, viewing media, and productivity.

Best i9 Laptops 2021

1. ASUS ROG G703 17.3

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2. Dell Alienware M15 R2

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3. HP Omen 9th Gen

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4. Dell G Series G7 7588

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5. HP Omen X 2S Core i9

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6. Dell XPS 9570

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7. ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo

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How to choose the Best Laptop with i9 Processor?

1. Requirement: Generally i9 processors are chosen by the one who does regular gaming and who works on high-end applications for a longer time. Because it makes the work to get complete faster. Choose the laptop with the i9 processor for better output.

2. Online reviews: Various models are available in the i9 processor itself. Online reviews can help you in choosing the best among them based on analyzing the reviews provided by the users.

3. Features: With the high-end i9 processor, it is recommended to choose the laptop with other features of high quality. Those features are high screen display, sound quality, and more RAM.

4. Price: Many laptop manufacturing companies are using i9 processors for their recent laptop products releasing in the market. As they have the latest technology features they cost more. So ensure that before buying the product the price to be of reasonable. As there are many companies in the market you can choose the one which gives the best features at a reasonable price.

5. Service: Anyway laptop servicing sites be available nearby your place. Make sure to choose the laptop with the i9 processor which can be repaired if you get any problem.

6. Model: Among the laptop with the i9 processor, there are several models. For example, i9 processor model with the tenth generation is the latest one and it is high in performance. Choose the model based on your need and make your work easier.

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