Best Laptop Under 1 lakh Buying Guide 2021

Best Laptop Under 1 lakh Buying Guide: Laptops under one lakh will have the best processor, best graphic designer, best for gaming, and also best for editing videos. With these highly expensive laptops, you have advanced software so that you can play advanced games. You can experience the best gaming experience with these laptops. Coming to graphics and sound quality also it will give the best performance. This works better not only for gaming purposes but also works well for highly advanced software works. These giant laptops will be the best in gaming, software, and also in multimedia.

Buying a laptop for 1 lakh is not an easy thing because you are spending more money and the laptop should be worth the money. We cannot buy the product simply by seeing the rating and cost of the laptop. There are many things to look into before choosing a laptop. So I will provide you some quick tips to choose the best laptop under 1 lakh.

Best Laptop Under 1 lakh

Quick Tips for Purchase Best Laptop Under 1 lakh:

  • OS:

There are three types of OS like windows, chrome OS, and Mac OS. So you to choose any one of these OS. If you choose Windows OS this is the best common platform to have the best laptops to buy. And if you choose Mac OS these are famous for MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook. You can operate the system very smoothly but coming to price these are more expensive. And if you choose Chrome OS these are famous when coming to students. You can perform some basic things like watching videos, chatting, etc… I prefer to buy Windows 10 OS because you can have the budget laptop with preferred features and also for gamers it will be the best.

  • Design:

And coming to design also there will be of three types they are 2 in 1 laptop, traditional laptop and hybrid 2 in 1 laptop. Traditional laptops are the most common laptops and in some laptops, you can have these laptops with a touch screen. And in 2 in 1 laptop you can use them In three ways like a tent, tab and also laptop. They are named tablet mode, stand mode, and tent mode. While traveling this type of laptop is really helpful. If you are ready to spend more money then you can go with a hybrid 2 in 1 laptop. In this laptop, you will get the screen and keyboard separately. So it’s better to choose traditional laptops if you don’t want to spend more money. You can get all the features within these traditional laptops also.

  • Size:

And there will be three common screen sizes in laptops they are 13 inch, 14 inch, and 15inch laptops. And also some low cost laptops have a screen size of 11 inch and highly affordable gaming laptops have a screen size of 18 inches. To have light and thin laptops 14 and 13 inch size is better for a better compact. And for the bigger screen size, they have high processors and graphic cards. I prefer to buy 13 Inch screen size of you are travel friendly. So that you can easily carry your laptop in your backpack.

  • Screen quality:

When you are using a laptop you have to look into the screen. So that screen should have better quality so that your eyes don’t affect. For better view angles, accuracy, and color the laptop should have an IPS. And the laptop should have at least a screen resolution of 1920×1080. So that you can see the image clearly from any angle.

  • CPU:

Before buying a laptop you should an idea of what purpose you are to decide to buy a laptop. And the three things you have to look under CPU are RAM, storage, and processor. If you play more games and do more software works then graphic card also matters.

1. RAM: There are three rams available on a laptop like 4 Gb, 8 Gb, and 16 Gb RAM. For basic usage like watching and chatting 4 Gb ram is quite enough. And for editing and coding, you have to choose 8 Gb ram. And for high advanced gaming and coding, you have to go with 16 Gb RAM.

2. Storage: Better to choose a laptop with SSD so that it works very smooth and clean. It boosts your laptop and you can open any programs or applications very fast. Having 62 Gb or 256 Gb SSD doesn’t have that difference. For 256 Gb the boosting and speed will be high and accurate.

3. Processor: Based on your use you have to choose the processor. There are three processors coming to laptops i3, i5, and i7 processors. For basic usage, you can go with i3 core laptops. And for medium gaming and coding, you can go with i5 laptops. And for advanced gaming and coding, you can go with i7 processors.


If you prefer to play more games then you have to include a graphic card along with RAM, storage, and processor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which processor laptop should I prefer core i3 or core i5?

  • If you need a laptop with normal usage i3 processor looks good. If you need a laptop with high gaming experience and advanced coding then i5 works better without any speed issues.

Which laptop should I choose laptop or Mac?

  • For multi-tasking and comparability, you can choose Mac. For students, if you prefer the style and for daily use, you can choose Mac. And based on the budget you can go with Mac or laptop.

What are the best brands for laptops?

  • The best brands of laptops are Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, and Toshiba. These are some best brands in laptops.

Which graphic card is best 1660Ti or 1060Ti?

  • GTX 1660Ti are best because they are a new addition and they have new things. And there will be no more difference between 1660Ti and 1060Ti the only difference is performance and price. You cannot differentiate them while gaming also.

For gaming does refresh rate matter?

  • Of course, there will be a difference when coming to speed and compatibility. For 60Hz and 120Hz the performance will be very smooth. The response time and control over the game will be very fast.