10 Best Silent PC Cases For That Silent Bliss [New List 2021]

Best Silent PC Cases: Are you having a personal computer (PC) at your home? Are you planning to protect your PC and want it to remain for longer usage? Then choosing the best PC case available in the market serves your purpose! Here we are providing a detailed description of the PC cases and especially about best silent PC cases.


Among the PC components in the market, the one which is becoming popular is the PC case. Initially, the cases are simple rectangles that are just to mount a motherboard and hard disc/drive. But nowadays they became so complex, protecting each and every part of your PC.

Best Silent PC Cases

Out of the newest trends of PC cases available in the market, a quiet PC case is becoming popular for good cause. Silent PC cases include some kind of insulation to minimize sound and also using techniques can even minimize fan noise. Silent PC case makes your PC to not interfere with your gaming experience, protects it, makes it look beautiful, and gives it a longer life.

10 Best Silent PC Cases For That Silent Bliss

1. Best ATX Quiet PC Case

Best ATX Quiet PC Case

The Fractal Design Define R6 is in our opinion the best of the best when it comes to silent PC cases. Completely enclosed chassis, lots of noise padding, and solid airflow for a quiet case.

Sleek and industrial are the words that hit the nail on the head with the design of this case. It’s got an understated, but sophisticated design that’d you’d never guess had a monster gaming capabilities under it. If you’re looking for minimalist and quiet this is the case for you.

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2. Fractal Design Define S – Mid Tower Computer Case

Introduced in early 2015, the Define S mid-tower case has been a hit. The Define S is made of high-quality materials and boasts a sleek, minimalistic profile and modular design. Focusing on quiet operation with this model, Fractal Design lined the panels with sound dampening material. Boasting much quieter operation without compromising airflow, the Define S is a great PC case at a good price.

Fractal Design Define S

For those looking for water cooling support, the Define S is built with that in mind, which included mounting points for radiators and radiator support on the top and front of the case. Included with the case are two Fractal Design Dynamic GP14 120mm fans.

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3. Fractal Design Define R5

Fractal Design Define R5

Define R5 has become a very popular choice for the enthusiast custom PC builders ever since its launch date to replace the R4 series.

The unique front panel has a sleek, modern, and beautiful design; though it may seem boring to a gaming build, many of us have fallen in love with the simple yet unique look of the R5. The chassis materials feel very sturdy and heavy at times, especially when you start to stuff it up with more high-end components. The only thing that I would personally love to have on the R4 is an external hard drive bay (like the NZXT H2 below), which could become really convenient when you need it.

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4. Corsair 100R Silent Edition

Corsair 100R Silent Edition

Both the 100R and Silent Edition seem like pretty solid choices for any build. For a silent system, we’ll be focusing on the later version, since it’s better suited for such use. It does have pros and cons, like every case, so let’s go through these now.

Right off the bat, there’s no top panel support for your radiator. This has been replaced by a soundproofing panel, giving you a good, linear front-back airflow. If you’re not planning on running very power-heavy applications, cooling should be more than adequate.

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5. Be quiet! BG029 Computer Case

Be quiet! BG029 Computer Case

Excellent noise isolation for a relatively affordable price. Silent Base 801 is another great choice for a quiet build. You also have the option that comes with a glass side panel.

The case comes with full insulation on all panels (the glass version doesn’t have insulation on see-through panel); three preinstalled 140mm fans with support for up to 3 additional case fans; PSU shroud along with decoupled motherboard tray for an inverted look (the tray can also be removed and used as a test bench); full liquid cooling support and 420mm radiator support; nine expansion slots for storage devices (7 x 3.5”/2.5” and 2 2.5” slots).

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What to look for in a PC Case

Before we go into details about silent PC cases, let’s talk a bit about what you should look for in PC cases in general. If you overlook the fundamentals then you will just be frustrated later on if you overlooked something. Yes, it could be as something as silly as the wrong case size or as something as serious as having to deal with a CPU constantly overheating.

1. List Out What Parts you Require for the Case to Cover

Aesthetics are important to create a look that will give a more pleasing atmosphere in your room but beforehand you need to know what motherboard, graphics card, and cooler you will use, and also how many drives you want to install. Figuring out this will indicate the size and shape of the case you need to purchase.

Currently, in the market, there are three major case sizes: Full tower, mid-tower, and mini-ITX. Among them, Mid-tower PCs are mostly chosen as they have enough room to fit systems with a closed-loop Central Processing Unit (CPU) cooler, a group of graphics cards, and of huge storage. So while choosing the best silent PC case, the foremost thing you need to see is the size of the case you require.

2. Cooling is essential for PC components

The important thing to consider while choosing the best silent PC case is checking airflow. It matters a lot when high-end components are equipped in tight spaces. So before purchasing the silent computer case, consider the cases which contain tempered-glass fronts and tops. They will restrict airflow in a good way and if not you may want to add additional fans.

3. Selection of a chassis

Along with the cooling effect, the aesthetics also matter as your PC will be placed on a desk in your room and draws the attention of visitors. The best silent PC cases can also have an awesome visual attraction with a glass-enclosed rainbow of LEDs, or on the other side, there will be a simple black box with smooth lines and lots of top-mounted USB ports. As there are a lot of case options in the market choosing the best quiet PC case with adequate internal features and external appearance depends on you.

4. Price consideration

The price ranges from $50-$150. Make sure your PC case should have two fans, one in the front and another one at the rare position which maximizes airflow and helps in cooling. Choosing the best silent PC case of very low price, say $50 may not give you even the above mentioned minimum feature. Hence invest according to your requirement and PC usage for a better experience.

5. Cable management

Select a case which has cut-outs in the motherboard tray that allows you to route your cabling through the back part of your case. There are quiet PC cases with simple giant holes punched in the motherboard tray and rubber grommets in the holes are included in mid-range options to tidy things up even more. Some of the silent computer cases include tie-off points or even wire covers behind the motherboard tray to keep cabling clean.

6. Solid State Drives(SSD) Mounting Points and Drive Socket

As most of the people who are having PC tries to maintain drives and so it is essential to look after PC case with drive bays or sockets for storage of drives. Some best silent PC cases even include mounting points for SSD on the backside of the motherboard tray. And also if you need a bay in the front of your PC to place an optical drive, fan controller, or for any extra component, confirm your silent computer case has that feature on the front side while choosing.

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