10 Best Micro ATX Cases in 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Micro ATX Case: Are you planning to build a new gaming rig? In that case, you would need to choose the right case for your gaming hardware. While you have a host of best options available for picking the right options for the purpose, it would quite practical to get access to the best cases based on your individual needs. This is where the choice of the best MicroATX case comes to the fore.

Best Micro ATX Cases

The best thing about the best micro ATX case is that they cost considerably lower than most other options. In fact, you would find that there is a huge difference in terms of cost between the best mini ATX case and the micro ATX case. While it has been proved that the best mini ATX case has become one of the prime options for extensive gaming performance, not everyone can afford them.

10 Best Micro ATX Cases in 2021

1. NZXT H700 – Limited Edition PUBG

NZXT’s latest H-series lineup comes well-regarded for its unique design, its RGB control features, and the inclusion of a PSU shroud and a tempered glass side panel. The H400i is also one of the roomier mATX cases on this list with the ability to hold video cards that are up to 16.2″ in length and up to 6.5″ in height.

best micro atx case

The case can also hold up to five different fans and can hold a smaller AIO cooler (120mm or 140mm) on the front or rear of the case. NZXT also took care to ensure that a system built inside the H400i would operate as quiet as possible with its “Adaptive Noise Reduction” design.

Overall, the H400i is one of the best smaller form-factor cases on the market period, let alone one of the best micro-ATX cases. So, if you’re looking for a solid mATX case and you have a budget that can accommodate the H400i, it would at least be worth considering.

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2. CORSAIR Crystal 280X Micro-ATX Case

Owning something unique, but small and efficient at the same time, has always been a dream for generations of PC devotees. With the arrival of modern design and technologies, these dreams are becoming more and more of a reality and for the CORSAIR Crystal 280X, it can easily be said that it is a fulfillment of one.

CORSAIR Crystal 280X Micro-ATX Case

With a great build quality, and exceptional appearance that is partially a result of using three tempered glass panels, and because of its great list of features, this case delivers everything that the premium micro-ATX or mini-ITX case should. Rather unusual for such a small product: this case offers a ton of space, enough for a lot of full-size components, including 30cm long graphics cards, full sized PSU, up to two 3.5” and three 2.5” drives and a lot more.

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3. Phanteks PH-ES314ETG_AG

If you have used the Evolv case before, and you liked it, then you can now be sure to like this new upgrade. The manufacturer has released the Evolv mATX as the upgrade by packing it with new features to help you enjoy the gaming experience.

The most notable thing should be the presence of the dual tempered glass on the side panels. These side panels should give you a look that you have always wanted when it comes to checking the interior of the gaming computer.

Phanteks PH-ES314ETG_AG

RGB illumination is another option that you get with the model. This kind of lighting is important to help light up the case. This makes the case look great, especially when gaming in a dim environment.

You have the option of using a sturdy and durable model, thanks to the aluminum body construction. The aluminum material is known for being lightweight but it is still strong. The best durability should drive more people to pick it up today.

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4. Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Case

The review of the Thermaltake Core V21 would be incomplete without talking about its cooling system. Built with a 200 mm turbo fan cooling system that includes liquid and air cooling units, the case is best known for its unmatched functionality and ability to support almost any kind of system.

The Core V21 can be used in vertical as well as the horizontal orientation of the motherboard. It is ideal for customization that reflects the preference of the user as it allows the best viewing presentation without compromising on cooling or performance.

Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Case

Mounting points for all types of cooling systems are installed so that the case comes with optimized ventilation. It also has the ideal alignment for space management. The upper chamber is good for placing cooling systems and the lower one can be used for PSU and drive bays.

With flexibility and enhanced interior design, enjoy the advanced cooling performance and unmatched functionality.

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5. ROSEWILL Micro ATX Mini Case

it’s one of the smallest Micro-ATX cases on the market, and it’s featured in several prominent gaming rigs. Why’s that? Well, it boasts an ultra-reliable steel form factor, plenty of bays and expansion slots, and a versatile design that works with today’s top Intel and AMD systems.

ROSEWILL Micro ATX Mini Case

And that’s not to mention the convenient I/O panel that complements the sleek and stylish glossy black exterior! The price starts around $20 with flash sales occurring regularly.

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What should you look for in the Best MATX Case?

There are several important factors that would make an ordinary micro ATX case one of the excellent options for the best micro ATX case. Some of the right options you need to look for in your search for the best MicroATX case can bee summarised as here below.

  • The form factor

The choice of the best micro ATX case can be useful for all your needs in full towers, mid towers, and mini towers alike. You can even extend it for other options that include desktops and MOD tower formats.

  • The Drive Bays

The drive bays on the best mATX case can have extra drive bays to assist you in adding extra hardware. The drive bays can be helpful enough in installing the components such as temperature readouts, fan controllers, and platter-style hard drives. The size of the drive bays can range between 2.5 to 5.25 inches.

  • GPU Clearance

The GPU clearance on the mATX case would decide the space required for the graphic processing unit. The best MicroATX case is the one that has enough space on your system for hosting your choice of GPU. Make sure that the GPU clearance is a minimum of 12 inches. That would ensure that you would be able to fit any video card efficiently.

  • Cooling Options

The availability of cooling options offered on the best micro ATX case can be yet another deciding factor you would want to give serious thought to. Some models come with a preinstalled fan, while a few others would need you to install it separately. Check out what options you are looking forward to.

  • Dust Filter

The dust filter is yet another excellent option you should look ahead in your pick of the best MicroATX case. This would be helpful enough in providing you access to perfect protection against the internal components from being damaged because of the dust infiltration. The best dust filters would be the ones that come with the protection of dust filters with an enhanced experience. You would love the capability to filter dust rather efficiently.

  • LED Lighting

Yet another excellent option you would find on the best mATX case would be the LED lighting option. This can be a great feature that would make your case look quite exciting in its own way. Of course, it would be an aesthetic look and you would like to have a great performance ever.

Well, Building a PC need you to go through a huge task of finding different components. One such great component you would want to go with is the case for your pick of the best option. Check out the best features offered by the PC case and pick the right options for your needs. The tips above should be helpful in this context.

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