Best 120mm Case Fans of 2022 – The Strongest Case Fans

Best 120mm Case Fans: Well, every gamer out there finds it annoying when their system gets heated up during intense gameplay. Gaming involves extensive use of computer resources and this is one of the severe reasons that make your computer or laptop overheat.

However, new technology has an answer to this issue. While it may not handle the overheating issue on a laptop, the problem on a desktop can be resolved with the help of the best PC fans. The choice of the right and best 120mm case fan would invariably reduce the issues you may be facing on your computer.

Best 120mm Case Fans

Best 120mm Case Fans

A lot of users spend a great amount of time just looking for the perfect case fan for their unit. Finding the right unit can be a painstaking task. In order to cut the process short, we have picked out some of the best products to invest in. All you need to do is find one that meets your criteria.

1. ARCTIC F12 PWM – 120 mm PWM Case Fan

Users that have invested in this case fan and tried it out for themselves have been greatly impressed by its performance. A number of users claimed to replace all their previous fans with this one, given how efficiently and quietly it functions. They have also commended it on the great variation of colors that it provides.


The functionality and efficacy of dissipating heat are second to none in this unit. It has proven to beat a number of other standard case fans at the function, while being available at the same price range, making it a better choice over a number of products.

  • Oil capsule of the unit avoids any sort of leakage of the lubricant
  • Features a two-way installation that blows out warm air and draws in cool air
  • The impeller of the unit allows maximum airflow for efficient heat dissipation
  • Blades innovatively designed to ensure minimal noise disturbance during use
  • PWM speed control allows you to adjust the speed according to your own needs
  • Does not feature any LED lights
  • It May not function as well on the bottom
  • Wires are long and may need proper management

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2. Noctua NF-F12 PWM, Premium Quiet Fan

This case fan comes with a custom design that makes it better in every way. The design is about getting a new focused flow frame to help in cooling. This frame will work with eleven stator guide vanes for more performance.

You will notice the seven blades that come with the fan. More blades are always important for more cooling. The blades are carefully optimized so as you can achieve the best balance between power and quietness.

Noctua NF-F12 PWM, Premium Quiet FanYou will not have to worry about buying a new fan any time soon once this one is in place.

The fan still features a low noise adapter. The aim of the adapter is to reduce the maximum fan speed of 1500rpm to 1200rpm.

By using the adapter, you can run the fan at a constant speed of 1200rpm, or you can switch it up using the automatic PWM control.

For its overall size, there is no doubt it should fit easily in most cases. It will not take long before you have the model in the right position.

  • Low noise adapter
  • Ease of installation
  • Durable
  • Some feel the airflow could be improved

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3. Be quiet! Silent Wings 3 120mm

Don’t let the standard 7-blade design fool you; this SILENT WINGS 3 case fan is anything but standard. A unique 6-pole motor design allows for drastically less power consumption, and thus less vibration as well. Thanks to this feature, the Be Quiet! 120MM High-Speed fan is indeed very quiet. Be quiet! Silent Wings 3 120mm

Another of our favorite features on this particular case fan is the design of the air inlets. They are funnel-shaped in order to create maximum air pressure; whether drawing air away from overheated components or pushing cool, fresh air across them. At 120MM this case fan is perfect for small or medium size PC cases.

  • Perfect fit for more small-medium sized cases
  • Quiet, thanks to a fluid dynamic bearing design
  • 4-Pin connector which gives you additional control options
  • Won’t fit in all small PC cases, you’ll have to check how much room you have in your case
  • Some users experience more noise than others

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If we look at top of the line cooling products, NZXT comes at the very top along with some very notable names. But we found the specifications on the AER RGB 2 better than other silent cooling fans. Along with having a rather stylish RGB lighting around the edges, this fan is very silent compared to other 120mm RGB lit fans by other brands.


The NZXT AER RGB 2 has a fan noise level of 22dBA, which is pretty dead silent when they are encased in a tempered glass casing. So you will be able to game, work, and watch movies without any noise interruptions from these 120mm cooling fans.

The fan has speed levels of 500-1500RPM, so these are faster than most RGB cooling fans out there and move more air than them. You can adjust the speed of the NZXT AER RGB 2 through your Bios, one thing of note is that you will need to get the controller to be able to control the RGB on the fans through the CAM software.

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5. Rosewill 120mm Case Fan

When it comes to names in the computer industry, Rosewill will get the attention of any PC enthusiast as a trusted and reliable name within the industry. This jet black, sleek design from Rosewill is no different and comes with the quality you expect from one of the best in the industry. This fan comes in a pack of four with four jet black fans that can be universal in just about any case color.Rosewill 120mm Case Fan

These fans feature a 22DBA noise level, lifelong sleeve bearings, three or four pin power connectors, a 38.2CFM airflow, and an RPM of 1200 plus or minus ten percent. These fans will look good in any case and sure to keep your system running cool while staying quiet. If you’re in the market for case fans or just looking to replace existing ones you just can’t go wrong with this four-pack from Rosewill.

  • Low noise
  • Good airflow
  • Rubber mounts
  • Somewhat dim LED

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6. Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm

As we heard you only get what you pay for, this quote becomes true when we have look at Corsair ML120 Pro. Corsair ML120 Pro is a complete package of preciousness and performance. It takes time when we start to count features of Corsair ML120 Pro because this fan has so much to offer and as we know it belongs to Corsair means quality would be top-notch. It is not wrong to say Corsair becomes king in PC case a fan due to its high builds case fans and Corsair ML120 Pro is also no exception.

Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm

Corsair ML120 Pro features corner mounted rubber dampers as standard and rubber dampers can also be changed over a period of time to keep their noise and vibrations as low as possible and these rubber dampers can also be bought in the same color as your Corsair ML120 Pro.

  • Comes with magnetic bearings which enhances it performance by great margin
  • Custom Rotor Design by Corsair for a longer life span
  • Wide Control Range of RPM which allows user to have full control on total silence to total performance, Operates on minimum of 400 RPM to a Maximum of 2400 RPM
  • Changeable Rubber Dampers absorb vibrations and turbulences
  • 8 Frosted fan blades
  • Features Changeable LED colors
  • Bit expensive to buy
  • Becomes very noisy at max RPM
  • Size is on bit large side

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What you need to do before buying a Best 120mm Case Fans?

Gaming PCs are not similar to ordinary PCs. They are equipped with a host of components that include memory cards, graphic cards, and a wide range of components. These components help you get the best possible performance but come with a typical drawback of overheating.

This is where using the best case fans should come to the fore. Picking the best configuration alone will not assure the right degree of performance. You would need to invest in the best PC case fans for arriving at the best performance. Case fans are the devices that are used to cool your desktops and its different components. They help remove the extra heat that may damage your system, or reduce its functionality. Using your gaming rig without the fan may not be a wise decision and that is exactly why we thought of letting you understand the essence of opting for the best computer fans.

What makes the PC fans the Best Case Fans?

Well, there are several features that would make the fans one of the best ones to go with. There are several great options for the best 120mm fans that have proved their efficiency as a result of the sheer product quality that they come with.

Some of the right features you should look for in the choice of the best 120mm case fan would include the following factors.

  • Cooling capacity

Cooling capacity of the fan is its ability to remove heat. The best PC case fans would be the ones that have a higher cooling capacity. The right choice of fan would be the one that has the ability to keep your system at the lowest temperature for a longer time period. Make sure you pick the best case fans that have an extremely lower cooling capacity.

  • Quieter operation

One of the best things that the modern options among the best 120mm fans have been their noise-free operation. We all know that fans are quite noisy, and that would perhaps hold good in the case of a case fan as well if you go with a low-quality option. If you are a gamer and the prime purpose of opting for a gaming PC is to play your games, a lot of noise from the fan can be quite annoying. Look for the noise-free or low noise option in your choice of the best PC case fans.

Of course, you do not need to use a fan on your gaming PC as such. But, opting for the best case fans would provide you access to an enhanced experience with respect to your gaming performance. There are several benefits you stand to gain with the choice of the best 120mm fans. Greater control over your gaming and PC performance enhanced longer life, and durability of your gaming console are a few benefits that should ideally make it a perfect choice to opt for the best gaming experience ever.

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