12 Best Keypad Phone Under 2000 ₹ with Dual Sim in India 2021

Best Keypad Phone Under 2000: The keypad mobile phones were one of the first ones to appear in the mobile marketplace. In fact, they were used quite widely enough throughout India. However, the times have changed, and w no longer find many of the customers opting for the keypad phones.

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How Should You Pick the Best Keypad Mobile for your needs?

Well, there are two types of phones – feature phones and smartphones. If you are checking out the best keypad phone under 2000 rupees, you need to follow a few important features for a better understanding.

  • Display

The most critical element of any phone – whether smartphone or feature phone – is the display. In case you want to pick the best feature phone under 2000 INR, pay attention to the display quality and size. A display size of at least 2 inches would be desirable.

  • Storage capacity

The keypad mobiles under 2000 rupees do not necessarily have high storage space. Of course, you can look for the best possible options available at your disposal. The availability of an external storage option would be yet another advantage. A 2 or 2GB expandable storage would be an excellent option on a keypad mobile phone under 2000 INR.

  • Battery Capacity

If the phone that you buy has a smaller battery, it may not be able to offer you the kind of backup you expect it to. Of course, there are several phones that have a backup capacity of around 1000 to 3000 mAh.

Best Keypad Phone Under 2000

1. Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E (White)

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  • 800 mAH lithium-ion battery
  • Comes with a battery that could offer a talk-time of 11-hours
  • Has a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the product
  • The phone is comparatively larger than other keypad mobiles

2. Nokia 105 – Keypad Phone

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  • It has a 1.8-inch display having the pixel resolution of 240 × 320
  • 4 MB RAM and 4 MB internal memory
  • It only has a single SIM slot

3. Samsung Guru 1200 (GT-E1200, Indigo Blue)

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  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 6 month warranty on the in-box accessories
  • Talk time of 7 hours and standby time of 720 hours
  • The speakerphone feature incorporated is not so loud

4. Nokia 3310 (Dark Blue) – Keypad Mobile Phone

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  • It has a standard screen resolution
  • Series 30+ processor
  • Visibility with the display is not ideal

5. Nokia 150 (Dual SIM, Black)

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  • Comes with a dual SIM
  • Has a 1-year warranty on the product and 6-month warranty on the in-box accessories
  • Large battery
  • Talk time up to 22 hours
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Does not work with 4G SIM card

6. Nokia 216 (Black) – Keypad Mobile Phone

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  • 16 MB Ram
  • Expandable memory up to 32GB
  • It comes with a warranty
  • None

7. JioPhone (Black)-Security Deposit

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  • Unlimited voice and data at 49 for just INR 28
  • Has an option to expand the memory up to 128 GB
  • Has an internal storage 4 GB
  • Comes with a 2000 mAH battery
  • No other network SIM will be suitable for this phone.

8. Samsung Guru FM Plus (Gold) – Keypad Phone

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  • It supports dual SIM
  • FM radio is enabled
  • Samsung proprietary operating system
  • Storage might be an issue for you

9. Karbonn K9 (Black-Red)

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  • There is dual sim, expendable 16GB as well
  • It has 2.4 inch display with 320×240 pixels resolutions
  • One year warranty on device
  • Comes with attractive looks under black colored
  • Large battery backup
  • Some network issue
  • Ear Speaker low sound

10. Samsung Metro 313 – Keypad Mobile

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  • Expandable memory up to 16 GB
  • Dual SIM (2G + 2G)
  • Screen display with better visuals
  • It does not have 3G or 4G network connectivity

11. Infocus Hero Smart P4 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

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  • Supports 22 languages and 32 GBX
  • Large Battery of 1000 mAh
  • Has a LED Torch, FM Radio
  • Also has Fake Currency Detector
  • Small Screen

12. Micromax X1i Power (Black)

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  • Comes with 1 year warranty and has good built quality.
  • It has a large battery capacity which enhances the backup.
  • Comes with dual SIM and has expandable memory as well.
  • Difficult to type long SMS because of Keypad.

Who would Prefer a Keypad Mobile under 2000 Rupees?

Well, smartphones have become one of the prominent options, and they have actually taken the smartphone world by storm. From that perspective, there are not many fans left for feature phones or keypad phones.

However, you may still find a few of them who still find a feature phone more beneficial. Maybe you are someone who is not yet comfortable with the digital era. In such an arena, you will find that people will prefer the best keypad phone under 2000 INR. The senior citizens would ideally prefer a feature phone when compared to a smartphone.

In case you are a parent and want to gift a new phone to your kid, it may be a good idea to pick a feature phone than a smartphone. Whether today’s kids will be content with a feature phone is a matter of concern. But the best keypad mobile would be the right choice to let them learn using a phone.

Before We Conclude

Well, if you are a frequent traveler, it may be essential to opt for one of the keypad mobile phones under 2000 rupees as a backup device. That would help you get access to connectivity even when your primary phone battery dies on the move. High end durability and a better battery backup are the two features that would ideally make it one of the excellent options you would want to go with.

Make a well-informed choice and find for yourself what you would need to go with. Pick up the best keypad mobiles under 2000 INR and let us know what made you like it!

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